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Ian is the Minister of the Word at Brunswick Uniting Church

Faith and Science – no conflict

A reflection on the movie Paul and the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-9). Paul the alien (from the movie of the same name) symbolises a new faith for the age of enlightenment. He is a foul mouthed saviour wielding the power of evolution and the knowledge of science. How does his way compare [...]

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I am She

How come God is always a man? - reflections on gender in Matthew 11. Where is Jesus on the gender spectrum? He appears to identify as male. But some interesting gender bending happens in Matthew 11:28-30 where Jesus identifies himself with Sophia, Mother Wisdom.

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Your faith is a joke

Genesis 22:1-14 - a troubling story. “The story of Abraham and Isaac is a problem for you and your God,” says comedian Sarah Silverman perhaps echoing the doubts of our own hearts. What is the solution? Ignore it, reject it, or explain it away?

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a reflection on gratitude - part of a series about money. “Happiness" is not emphasised as an ideal state of life in the bible. The bible has other emphases, among them thankfulness, gratitude. One way of entering more deeply into thankful contentment in our lives, is by becoming more “materialistic”, more focussed on the goodness of creation. [...]

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Go and Tell

Easter Sunday 2017. Do you know the feeling of bursting with life changing news? And does Easter do that to you? – fill you with such fear and great joy that, like the women at the tomb, you just have to go and tell about it? Or is it a bit more complicated than [...]

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