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Ian is the Minister of the Word at Brunswick Uniting Church

Smashing Idols

What are the idols that get between us and God? And if we smash those idols with the hammer of active prayerful faith, letting go of the easy answers, false hopes, and brittle certainties of idolatry, what are we left with? A reflection on Exodus 32  

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The River of Life

Exodus 1-2 - a reflection on the way God's salvation flows into our world The birth of Moses and his infant deliverance is like a Christmas story for the people of Israel - it is the birth of salvation, the birth of freedom and healing and life and love. As at Christmas, the story [...]

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Saying Yes

YES is what happens when we listen to the other and let them influence us. Matthew 15:10-28 is an ugly gospel passage - this reflection focusses in on that ugliness to find a beautiful Yes hidden in its No.

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Jacob and Jesus

Listen as Jacob and Jesus both withdraw to deserted places by themselves. A script based on Genesis 32:22-31 - Jacob wrestles with God - and Matthew 14:13-21 - Jesus feeds a hungry crowd. We invite Jesus and Jacob out of their stories, and ask them where are they at in their lives, what are the [...]

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Divided Loyalties?

A reflection on dual citizenship from the parables of the kingdom in Matthew 13. The potentially divided loyalties of religious people is a key cultural question in our society at the moment. As Christians should our national allegiance be subject to our higher loyalty to the divine commonwealth? What are the implications of this [...]

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Living in the In-Between

"God be with you." Jacob dreams of God's presence with him in an in-between place - descending via a ziggurat (Genesis 28:10-22). Where are you when you are most aware of the presence of the divine? What times and places are the most God filled for you? And if you are interested in seeing a [...]

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Faith and Science – no conflict

A reflection on the movie Paul and the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-9). Paul the alien (from the movie of the same name) symbolises a new faith for the age of enlightenment. He is a foul mouthed saviour wielding the power of evolution and the knowledge of science. How does his way compare [...]

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I am She

How come God is always a man? - reflections on gender in Matthew 11. Where is Jesus on the gender spectrum? He appears to identify as male. But some interesting gender bending happens in Matthew 11:28-30 where Jesus identifies himself with Sophia, Mother Wisdom.

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Your faith is a joke

Genesis 22:1-14 - a troubling story. “The story of Abraham and Isaac is a problem for you and your God,” says comedian Sarah Silverman perhaps echoing the doubts of our own hearts. What is the solution? Ignore it, reject it, or explain it away?

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