World Wide Knit in Public Day 2019

On the 8thof June, hand knitters around the world gathered in groups to knit in public.

But why?

It all started eight years ago, when a woman named Danielle Landis broke the isolation of knitting alone and encouraged people to knit together as a community. By doing so, people began creating connections that is at the root of this wonderful craft. Taking this to a global level, this has become an annual event that is anticipated by knitters everywhere; whether they live in the northern or southern hemispheres.

Knitting goes beyond what we make.  We all carry a story about knitting with us. Whether we’re very experienced or have just cast on and knitted our first row, we have a story to tell and perhaps share with our fellow knitters. Perhaps it is about who taught us the skill, our first project, a favourite item made for us, our most funny or challenging project or the love, time and effort invested.   It could also be about what inspires us, what makes us want to knit more, the feel of the wool, texture, colour, that great feeling when one is in some kind of rhythm, and that satisfaction of completing a project and crossing that finishing line!

At Brunswick Uniting Church, we have a story about a yarn bombed chair, (the feature on our flyer) – all the scrap yarns joined together to create something diverse, eclectic and unique. A beautiful metaphor.

We also have a story about a seed being planted to host WWKIP in 2017 and to go beyond and making a strong heart and hand contribution to our community. This is how we found a wonderful partnership with KOGO (Knit One Give One) a non-profit organisation that locates and distributes knitted items to those most in need of warmth and care. For us, it has been this combination of community connection and community contribution that has made WWKIP at BUC an amazing yearly event. We become the hosts to the generosity of so many people and this year was no exception. Record numbers attended i.e. 106 people and an amazing spread of beautiful hand-made items layered on two long tables spoke of creativity, love, respect and care.  Fourteen bags of knitted goodies were delivered to Lincraft the following Monday. The atmosphere on the day was abuzz with warmth of a common circle and the welcome and hospitality so intrinsic to our community.

An enormous thanks to so many in our community that made this day possible. What an upliftment to witness us work so seamlessly as a team with kindness and a smile.  Without the soup makers, soup servers, tea pourers, hand stitchers, knitters, welcomers, speakers and organisers – the day would not have been possible. As one visiting knitter stated, ‘I have not had such a great day in a very long time. Thank you for the hospitality and care’.

World Wide Knit in Public Day achieved its aim and more, and our tag line of KNIT GIVE and RESPECT continues to guide the way.

Much joy and gratitude, Ann Soo

WWKIP Day Keynote Address

Andrea Zilberman, Knit One Give One

View the powerpoint presentation that accompanied this address or view the images below.

A personal reflection

I joined over 100 people at the World Knit in Public gathering in Brunswick yesterday. I can’t express how soothing it was for the soul and mind to knit, chat and soak in the wonderful vibe of community. There were amazing soups too (including several vegan ones – 😁). The time just flew. 

It’s easy to strike up a conversation when knitting is happening. Like when you’re walking the dog and strangers can start chatting much more freely because the dog is a safe topic. It’s hard to be tense when there’s so much tactile sensation and movement, and you effortlessly slip out of your mind. And even if 5 minutes is all you’ve spent, there’s a row or more of knitting to show for your being there. 💝

Joanne van Ravenswaaij

Thank you to the soup makers

Well it’s a day after the wonderful WWKIP Day community event at BUC  and I’d like to express my thanks to you all for your support and generosity with the soup making yesterday.  We sustained over 100 people with 10 varieties of soup plus sausage rolls and bread etc.
Thankyou for your wonderful efforts.

As one participant said “ so many choices and all made with love”.
Another commented on the generosity and wonderful homemade taste, and yet another said she was going to try and have a little taste of all because they all looked so yummy!!!

Thank you too for the wonderful kitchen workers-a great example of a fabulous Team (Together Everyone Achieves More)

Grace, Peace and Love, Gwen Arnold