Brunswick Uniting Church believes in freedom, justice and equality for all people.

The congregation of Brunswick Uniting Church is dismayed by the inhumane and cruel detention of innocent asylum seekers in hotels and detention centres around the country. Many members are actively involved in organisations that support these people in various ways.

As Christians we do not understand why our Government is treating these people so cruelly. We believe in the inherent dignity and worth of every person. Most of these people have escaped persecution and have been found to be refugees. They have risked their lives to come to our country to request asylum, as they are entitled to do under international law. We respond by locking them up. We pray that the Government will realize the harm it is inflicting on innocent people and change their policy.

In recent days we have seen 46 people released from the Park Hotel in Carlton. But there are fourteen people left behind. What is this about? Further torturing of innocent people? What is happening to them? What about the other one hundred and forty people in detention? What about Priya, Nades and their girls from Biloela who are on Christmas Island? What about the people on Nauru and in PNG?

How we treat others is a measure of our humanity. We demand that all these people be freed from detention without delay.

Time for a home

We’ve locked you out of our hearts too long
Made you feel you don’t belong
We closed our eyes and closed the door
How can we do this anymore?
It’s time for a home

War and hate forced you to flee (time for a home)
We’ve kept you in lockdown since 2013 (time for a home)
You’re a nurse, a plumber, a son so dear
Caught between your dreams and your fears
It’s time for a home
It’s time for a home

All you want is freedom and dignity
Is that too much to ask?
To have the choice just to walk down the street
When you’re safe, healing can begin
A chance to start again

Advance Australia, a little more fair (time for a home)
There’s boundless plains that we could share (time for a home)
You were young when you came across the sea
All we gave you chains and uncertainty
It’s time for a home


You’re brave, long-suffering too (time for a home)
We could all learn a thing or two from you (time for a home)
Let’s honour your pain, the years you’ve missed
You’ve been waiting to do your bit
You’re a chef, a doctor, a sister dear
Caught between your dreams and fears
So ­­young when you came across the sea
It’s time that you were free
It’s time for a home (repeat) 

Lyrics & Music  by Phil Hudson © Black Sheep Music 2021