Book Club

Book Club at BUC, facilitated by Jeanette Acland Peter Greste’s The First Casualty: A Memoir from the Front Lines of the Global War on Journalism will be the focus of our discussion in July.  In a world where the first casualty of war is truth, journalism has become the new battleground. Foreign correspondent, Peter [...]

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Book Club

Danger Music by Eddie Ayres  From the former ABC Classic FM classicist comes a remarkable story about the power of music and courage to be one’s self.  In 2014 Emma was spiralling into a deep depression, driven by anguish about her gender. She quit the radio, travelled, and applied for a position at Dr [...]

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Book Club

Our final meeting for 2018 – not to be missed!  Please bring: A favourite Christmas story to share. It can be non text, picturebook, chapter book – whatever you like The name of a book you read this year that still resonates with you.  A very small plate of food to share. This gathering [...]

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