Book Club at BUC

For our May meeting we will discuss another classic, The Circular Staircase (1908) by Mary Roberts Rinehart. This novel is about Rachel Innes, a well-to-do woman of a certain age. Her Pittsburgh manse is in need of an overhaul, so she decides to spend some time at the country home of a friend to escape the hustle and bustle of the remodelling process. But [...]

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Book Club

Book Club at BUC, facilitated by Jeanette Acland The Miniaturist is the 2014 debut novel of English actress and author Jessie Burton and is set in 17thC Amsterdam. On an autumn day in 1686, 18-year-old Nella Oortman knocks at the door of a grand house in Amsterdam. She has come from the country to [...]

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Book Club

Book Club at BUC, facilitated by Jeanette Acland Peter Greste’s The First Casualty: A Memoir from the Front Lines of the Global War on Journalism will be the focus of our discussion in July.  In a world where the first casualty of war is truth, journalism has become the new battleground. Foreign correspondent, Peter [...]

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Book Group

In April our discussion will be around Kate Mildenhall’s debut novel Skylarking. Inspired by a true story, Skylarking is about friendship, love and loss, one that questions what it is to remember and how tempting it can be to forget.  Best friends, Kate and Harriet, grow up on an isolated Australian cape in the 1880s. Daughters of the two lighthouse keepers, [...]

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Book Group

Facilitated by Jeanette Acland Nakano Thrift Shop by Hiromi Kawakami will be the focus of our discussion in March. In the Nakano Thrift Shop, the objects hold many secrets-- as do the staff and the customers. When Hitomi takes a job on the cash register of a neighbourhood thrift store, she finds herself drawn [...]

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Book Club

Something light for October…Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia by David Hunt In this hilarious history, David Hunt reveals the truth of Australia’s past, from megafauna to Macquarie - the cock-ups and curiosities, the forgotten eccentrics and Eureka moments that have made us who we are.  Our nation’s beginnings are steeped in the strange, [...]

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Book Group

In July we will discuss the 2017 Stella prize winning novel, The museum of modern love by Heather Rose. This is a dazzlingly original novel that asks beguiling questions about the nature of art, life and love and finds a way to answer them. It is a mesmerising literary novel about a lost man [...]

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Book Club

Facilitated by Jeanette Acland Join us if you can to discuss, The bush by Don Watson. Most Australians live in cities and cling to the coastal fringe, yet our sense of what an Australian is – or should be – is drawn from the vast and varied inland called the bush. But what do we mean by ‘the bush’, [...]

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