Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, … (Acts 4:32a)

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Loving God, we seek in you peace that passes understanding
Companion Christ, meet us again on the road
and turn crucified despair to morning hope

Just as Thomas touched the wounds on your hand and side,
may those wounds for us be the fear, loneliness and suffering of the world,
that by touching them, we might see you.
That by working for healing in the world, we might be healed,
and find anew that life that flows from your promises.

Forgive us for time wasted and kindness withheld
Save us from devilish certainties and dangerous convictions
But grow in us a sacred curiosity for beautiful, and the good
And a holy passion for righteousness and justice
For you are not without fear and doubt
It was you in the garden, who asked that the cup might be passed away
And you who gasped from the desolation of the cross
‘My God why have you abandoned me?’
Abide with us, Mother God, when those questions are our questions

Let not doubt become apathy or mystery despair
But grant to us the hope of Noah’s rainbow,
the constellations of Abraham, and the morning fire of Peter.
Give us your eyes for seeing,
your hands for healing, and your heart for loving,

Until your kingdom comes, Amen.

Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship 8/4/18, Easter 2

Prayers of the People

Eternal God,
Spirit of shimmering autumn light,
We pause – open to your voice.
Hear our prayers.

This week, to our north,
Games have broken out among people of many nations,
And through them we have been invited into the joy of friendship and sport,
where differences melt away and creed and colour mean little.
We have heard words that remind us that we are all connected,
that we share common ground,
and are on this journey together.

Yet we know that our stumbling humanity
and attempts at harmony can take us only so far;
that our true purpose and being can best be found in you.
Continue to walk with us, O God
and bind us with your love –
your Kingdom come with every
cry for justice,
word of hope,
act of grace,
step of forgiveness we make in our whirling, wonderful, complex world.

We find our centre here in this place and elsewhere across the globe
among those whom call you beloved – your church.
Together we have walked these recent days in the shadow of Jesus, our brother,
to the foot of the cross,
then been lifted by the unexpected wings of resurrection.
Yet still we stumble, tripping at times in doubt, falling from our weakness.
But there you are, always and forever, saying “Peace be with you.”

May your peace be our companion,
joy our face,
and confidence and comfort our gift
as we make known the truth that
life is much more than meets the eye.

And so also to each other,
arms extended, hands joined, resources shared,
our reach going far beyond these walls
and into the streets of our community,
knowing that where we are, you go also,
where we love, you love more,
those we touch are blessed beyond our knowing.

Refresh our spirits and renew us for the journey,
loving, surprising, dancing Lord,
Creator of all things,
who gives comfort to our sorrow, for you have been there;
assurance to our doubt, for you have felt its tremble;
birth to our laughter, for you are its source.

We set out for the week ahead:
go ahead of us, travel with us, move through us
in the name of Jesus, your face made known to us,

Peter McKinnon, offered for worship 8/4/18, Easter 2