… with thanks to Jenny Hunter for a beautiful Autumn floral arrangement

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God the vinegrower,
Jesus the true vine,
Spirit gift of God,

You invite us to abide in you.
You teach us the meaning of love,
And call us to love one another.

You have revealed your love to us
by sending your Son into the world,
that we might live through him.
You have given us your Spirit
that we may abide in you, and you in us.

We know that if we love,
We can know you.
As with a vine, we are connected to you,
connected by love.
And through you, we can bear fruit.

God of love,
Forgive us when we do not love,
when we do not abide in you,
when we do not care for each other.

Forgive us when we do not recognize that we are part of your vine,
When we forget to nurture,
When we forget to act with care.

Forgive us when we do not try to bear fruit,
Or when we do not recognize the fruit that is all around us.

Brothers and Sisters,
In Christ all things are made new
And so I say to you
‘Our sins are forgiven’
Thanks be to God.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship, 29/4/18, Easter 5B

Prayers of the People

Dear Lord, we come here today to find you in the City knowing that many of our Church family are meeting at the same time, but far away. Lord, be present with us all, in the open air hearing the birds sing and the leaves rustle and here as we listen to car horns and trams clatter. Bring us all safely together again, renewed in our love and worship.

Lord of our rushing world, we give thanks for the meeting between the Leaders of North and South Korea, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In. After the noise and bluster we pray that there will be peace, and an end to posturing and the threat of Nuclear war.

We pray for the other areas of our world that face the same terrors. For South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Myanmar. May your peace cover our world and change the hearts of those who lust for power or fight through hate.

Lord of the Lost. We pray for those who are displaced through war or disaster. We give thanks for places where they have found welcome, and pray that here in a land of immigrants, we open out hearts to give welcome to people who need a safe place to raise their families. Forgive us for the way we have treated refugees and give your strength and courage to those still languishing on Nauru, Manus and in detention centres, and to those who fight for their rights.

Lord of the Cosmos, we pray for your Church throughout the world, for Leaders and workers and members. You are the strong vine and we are your branch’s. May we be worthy of your name, and true to you word. Breathe your breath through us that we show your love, compassion, friendship and welcome to all we meet.

Dear Lord, last week we said farewell  to John and we pray for him as he settles into the Nursing Home and into Berwick Uniting Church. May he know he goes with our love and prayers. In this land of plenty, we pray for those who have little. For the unemployed, the homeless, the sick, those who are facing the end of their journey here on this earth and for those who grieve for them. Lord, we pray for all who come to this Church and the Olive Way. They come for food, friendship, conversation and a place out of the cold but we pray that as we offer hospitality, they also find you, your love, comfort and strength.

We are your people Lord, and we pray that we live in you and you live in us. May we be your branches, and spread wide to embrace  a world in need of your love.

We pray these things in the name of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

Helen Burnham, offered for worship 29/4/18, Easter 5B