Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 7:55

Creator God, mother of all the earth
in times long past you birthed the mountains
covering them with abundant beauty
providing homes for creatures of astonishing diversity.

We, fragile two legged beings, are drawn to the mountains
to retreat from the clamour of our everyday lives
to seek peace, to immerse ourselves in wonder.

Forgive us the harm that humanity has caused
to the peace, beauty, diversity of the mountains.
Forgive us humanity’s desire to conquer and possess
that which is freely available to all who seek peace. 

Jesus Christ, lover of all the earth
you call us to join you on the mountain
we immerse ourselves in your teachings
we are alive, free, filled with love and joy.

We, your disciples, respond to your command
to leave the mountain, to go and speak always with love
and we remember that you are with us always.

Forgive us the harm that has been done in your name
to the earth, to the church, to people named as other.
Forgive us when our actions have not contributed
to creating a new heaven and a new earth.

Holy Spirit, wind and flame, breath of the earth
you have whispered and raged through the ages
inspiring the prophets, calling them to the mountains
and sending them out again into the world bearing God’s word.

We, ordinary humans, fill our lungs with your breath
and commit to work for peace in all creation
from the mountains to the seas and everywhere between.

Forgive us our fear of the unknown, our longing for safety
when you would have us go out to speak in your name.
Forgive us when we find it difficult to grasp your vision
and your delight in all that you are creating.  Amen


Jesus calls all his disciples to the mountain
and sends us out again into the world to speak of love.
Hear then the words of Christ
Your sin is forgiven
Thanks be to God.  Amen.

Saide Cameron, offered for worship 26/09/2021, Season of Creation 4B

Prayers of the people

Watch or 33:41

Jesus you are miraculously here with us on the mountaintop, as your Church, with all the Elders and ancestors, the prophets, the enlightened ones all atop Mother Gaia’s breast, Your Spirit swirling around. Through the hard steps and challenges on the journey up the mountain You have loved us and got us here. God with Mother Earth You are literally shaking us up, forcing us to know we part of your earth and responsible for its transformation, that we are utterly dependent on you to give us Love Wisdom Humility and Strength.

From the mountain top, looking out and below we see your creation, displayed before us not at our feet as dominators but part of the community with all its chosen peoples, on its sacred site – the garden of Eden. God move us to re nurture to re-nourish, to step up to be True Guardians of it. We have allowed its scarring. God empower us to work with those who know your earth best, the First Peoples of this nation. Help us to listen to their Wisdom and follow them to work for Earths repair.  Thank you for shaking us out of our complacency, as renewed Guardians bringing your loving creation to the world.

Thus, God we pray for those who tear and destroy rainforests, and sacred places and peoples for mining, for coal, for petrol, for the substances that we keep buying. Let those who dig and destroy have their hearts opened to stand at the mountaintop to see the view. And to stop. God give us Your Strength to stop consuming their products and to say STOP.

We pray, we implore o God for the leader of this country and other ones to pause too at the mountain top and to stop the use nuclear power for war again. God help us in this weary battle.

We pray from the mountain top great Healer please stop this virus, heal those who are sick from it and those suffering with the impacts of isolation from lock down and keep the health workers well. Shake us, fill us with mountain top love that we may show loving outreach to all who need it and take responsibility where we have contributed to the destruction of Eden, for its rise.

We pray for those who are angry, with actions of violence and destruction, hiding deep fear and pain and who feel not heard. God call to them from the mountain top and help us and  them to see  our need for Your  collective love.

God help us all to see beautiful humanity stretched out before us, all part of Earth’s home, particularly for the millions who are adrift in camps. We pray for those we lock out or mistreat. May government policy change  and we welcome refugees and set them free.

May we as the Church, your people know your ever-present love, healing freshness and renewal as you take us down the mountainside, down the rocky road, down the hard path, but filled with your JOY. May we embrace the Ancestors and Elders and all humanity and place our hands, feet, and hearts on the Earth as part of your Loving Creation, ready for the journey.

Through your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen

Jenne Perlstein, offered for worship 26/09/2021, Season of Creation 4B