Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Almighty God, light of creation,
Thank you for offering us glimpses
of your divine presence in the world.
We are filled with wonder at your
mightiest formations and smallest details.
Forgive us for not knowing what
to say or do when faced by situations
that seem overwhelming or insurmountable.
Help us to trust that we are not alone
in the decisions we face.
Remind us not to overlook the importance
of pausing to seek you in prayer and stillness,
knowing that the things revealed to us
on the mountain top will sustain
and guide us on our journey together.

Let us be guided by your light.
The Lord is my light, My light and salvation:
In God I trust, In God I trust.

Jesus, light of the world,
You allow us to discern
the divine potential of humanity
and embody the faithfulness
of God’s promise to us.
Forgive us for when we have not
loved others as you love us,
Give us faith in your understanding
of our human struggles
and courage to walk behind you
towards destinations beyond our imagination.

Let us be guided by your light.
The Lord is my light, My light and salvation:
In God I trust, In God I trust.

Holy Spirit, shining light from within,
A glimmer of hope to nourish our hearts.
We are amazed at your power
to transform simple moments
into experiences beyond measure.
Forgive us for the times we have
lost sight of your mission for us,
letting your flame be dimmed,
Encourage us to share your
healing spirit with those around us,
that we may light the path for one another.

Let us be guided by your light.
The Lord is my light, My light and salvation:
In God I trust, In God I trust.

As we continue onwards, day by day
endeavouring to walk in the light of the Lord,
believe the Good News that comes from God:
In Christ we are forgiven.
Thanks be to God

Amelia Ware, offered for worship 11/2/18

Prayers of the People

Loving God, give us your inner light
to be beacons of peace and hope in the world.
Amidst our busy lives, help us
to find a little space to retreat to mountain places,
to stop, be still, open our hearts and listen.

We know the urgency with which we need
to listen to your small voice of light
that gives us hope and healing.

Too often these days, our listening is full of noise,
fear, overwhelming despair.
In the midst of our own peaceful
and comfortable lives it can feel like
there is an evil predator spreading its darkness
across the world triggering wars, building walls,
feeding greed, dividing people, classifying some people
and places as worthless and therefore open to exploitation.
With so much of the world’s wealth and resources
controlled by so few and with so little regard for human rights,
for other species, for climate change, for the state of our oceans,
we can feel so lost and powerless to change things.
With all this noise, we can feel ourselves
shutting down in order to protect our own sanity.
Sometimes it feels just too hard to listen.

We know too, that we are often complicit
through the way we live and the choices we make.
Choices that create unnecessary waste,
prioritise convenience and our need to own stuff,
over choices that care for the earth.
Knowing that our ability to buy cheap products and food,
means that other people’s lives and resources are being exploited.
We feel the weight of our own heavy footprints
contributing to inequality and damaging the earth.

Inspire us to make time to go into the quiet places,
to listen, to find the light from the mountain places,
draw that beauty from around us and to find its light deep within us.

Give us the energy and desire to draw together
with others and guide us through the dark places.
To hear the stories of people making change,
of learning how to care for our earth,
of overcoming injustice through joint action and positive advocacy.
Thank you for the hope that getting involved with others can give us.
Thank you that we can be a part of your creative spirit,
creating healing and hope through things like music, art and crafts.
Thank you for the hope that this church community provides for so many of us.

Show us how to draw that light back into the world around us,
to be beacons of hope, forces of love,
advocates for peace and stewards of your beautiful creation.

And help us to draw that lightness of being into our own lives,
in the way we that we connect and care for each other,
care for the earth and advocate for change.

Open us up to your light each day
to shine hope into the darkness – trusting in you.

Meredith Budge, offered for worship 11/2/18