Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Lord God our Healer,
Speak now your gentle voice in the quiet places of our heart
Speak where there is fear, where there is hardness,
Speak where we are tired of compassion, where we are tempted to hate
And lift up our voices with you in hope and love.

We worship you, our redeemer God
For your mercies never come to an end
Your steadfast love never ceases,
Your kindness is never withheld,
Your goodness shines like the face of the sun
And your great faithfulness is written in the stars

For the garment upon your shoulders is woven with the many threads of human life
You have known our joys and our sorrows, and borne our griefs
You spoke for us in the garden, when you said, ‘May this cup be passed from me’
And upon the cross when you cried to heaven, ‘My God, why have you forsaken me’.
Through the eyes of your abandoned son, look upon us with mercy when our faith falters
When our charity is forgotten, when our greed overwhelms, and our words are sharp.

For when the night has passed the morning comes
The tide of grace rises high and the light shines in the darkness
Come, Lord Jesus, bring hope and love,
And trail wide the hem of your garment.

This is the good news: through Christ, because of Christ and in Christ our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship 1/7/18, Pentecost 6

Prayers of the People

Our healing comes in disguise
We are touched
And we touch and reach out quietly
They are healed,
Surprisingly  to us
Those pushed outside &  shunned,  come to us
We offer what we have,
Continually asked , touched, called
We do it quietly.
Is our faith strong enough to believe we can heal?
Are we open enough?
Loving enough to believe we are so loved by God ,
so healed by God that we can  just open , smile, touch
into the heart and allow God to heal through us?
May we be ready, as a church…the loving Community at Assembly
where doctrine, worship, government, discipline & the worldwide union
of all Christ’s church are considered,  that we do this,  in your healing name Jesus.
Enact it for those in deep pain and isolation, for those ravaged by war torn trauma ,
ripped apart by heartlessness, by long deeply held  conflicts ,
even in your homeland Yeshua
May the hardness of the World’s  hearts open to this touch.
May we be a part of the healing of the land, the stopping of the damage and waste.
May we in humility and love as a church, and those who embrace the love  of the Divine,
offer this healing to all , and through it,   find healing for ourselves.

Jenne Perlstein, offered for worship, 1/7/18, Pentecost 6