Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Wondrous God, Giver of Life,
You are our shelter, our sanctuary.
Relief and wellbeing are what you offer!
Be present in our wilderness, so we may be nourished
And resist temptation in all its forms.

Loving Jesus,
We confess that we often give in to our temptations
We find it hard to take on the disciplines of solitude and prayer – forgive us.
Draw us nearer to you, so we may confess our faith in you.

Holy Spirit,
As we partake in Creation,
enable us to find unique ways to appreciate it.
Grant us passion to love it – not destroy it.

The first humans
Encountered a choice.
Their choice saw them moved into wilderness,
Yet, God kept them close to Godself and to Creation.
So it is with us -We are connected to God and often unconnected to God’s creation!
It is for our brokenness that we seek forgiveness!

In Christ, Through Christ and because of Christ
Our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Valentina Satvedi Leydon, offered for worship 01/03/2020, Lent 1A

Prayers of the people

God of grace and mercy in the wilderness of our times we pray for the world.
We grieve for all the beauty that has been lost, all the animals that no longer walk our lands.
We offer our sorrow filled prayers for people displaced, wandering far from home,
for nations at war, leaders without vision and vast unknowable damage done to creation.
We give thanks for the many voices raised in protest all around the world.
Give us the grace to hope and work for a new way, for renewed vision
and the commitment to be salt of the earth and light of the world.

Jesus, Son of God in the wilderness of the season of Lent we pray for the church.
You have travelled through the wilderness before us, tempted and famished.
We offer you our sorrow for all the ways in which the church has turned away from you,
for the alliances made with power, with empire and all the harm that has flowed from this.
We give thanks for the healing works of love and mercy being done in your name.
Give us the grace to be your people now in this time, this church, this place
and the commitment to be salt of the earth and light of the world.

Holy Spirit, breath of life and companion in times of wilderness we pray for our community.
We pray for the community that calls this place home and the community beyond our doors.
We pray for all who are sick and sorrowing, those without work and those that have too much.
We pray for people who are lonely, afraid, trapped in a wilderness of uncertainty and doubt.
We give thanks for the call, the opportunity and resources to reach out and share your love.
Give us the grace to see you at work in the wilderness and to be part of that great calling
as we commit to being salt of the earth and light of the world.

Saide Cameron, offered for worship by Ray Cameron, 01/03/2020, Lent 1A