BUC Mission Appeal 2022
Keep up to date with all the news and information about our Mission Appeal.

Thank you to our Property Bookings Officer
Church Council extends our appreciation and thanks to Julie McKinnon for her amazing behind-the-scenes contribution in managing bookings for all of our buildings and rooms.  Emerging from COVID lockdowns the BUC site is once again alive with activity including a wide range of BUC and other community and creative groups.  Thank you Julie!
Remember that if you are wishing to use a room, even for an informal meeting, its best to check with Julie to ensure the room is not otherwise booked.
For all enquiries about Room Bookings please email  bucpropertybookings@gmail.com

With Love to the World in the Season of Creation
Through September, we will be focussing on “The Season of Creation” in our worship services.  The Discipleship & Education Team is offering free copies of the current edition With Love to the World which focusses on the Creation theme.

Superannuation & Global Warming
Is your Superannuation fuelling global warming by funding coal, oil and gas projects? Come share, learn and discuss what actions we can take by attending a multi faith online interactive workshop.

Joint Interfaith Statement
The UCA Assembly has endorsed the Joint Interfaith Statement to the Tenth Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)

Worshipping with the Psalms in Winter
The final Sunday in this series will be on 28th August with a focus on Psalm 81:1,10-16.   For more information see Worshipping with the Psalms in Winter.  You are also invited to join the Creating with the Psalms session on 9th August for inspiration.

Welcoming Ceremony
We will offer a Welcoming Ceremony during worship on 14th August for people who have recently (or not so recently) become part of the BUC community.  Contact Ian, 0438 547 842‬ if you want more information or simply to participate.

‘Freedom Street’ 
The new Australian-made documentary ‘Freedom Street’premiered recently, and has collected several awards. The Bayside Refugee Advocacy and Support Association and the Director, Alfred Pek will co-host an online screening of the film via Zoom on Thursday 11th August 2022 at 6.30 pm followed by a Q & A with the director and two of the three stars, $15, tickets are available from Trybooking.


World Moments
Visit Eva Rugel’s exhibition featuring images and a photographic installation of 412 postcards from 4th -19th August at the Magnet Galleries, Docklands.

Natural/unnatural, the beauty in the discarded
Simone Alesich’s exhibition
reflects on the items that we so casually create and discard, recreating them in a form that is beautiful and reflects the natural environment.  Exhibition from 8th July – 27th November at the Avondale Heights Library and Learning Centre.

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