A new investment account

For some years, BUC has had investment accounts for specific purposes:

  • the Long Term Maintenance Fund (recently topped up to $750,000, to fund regular maintenance as well as big projects on our buildings)
  • the Joan Gilchrist Fund (which is being drawn down over a number of years to help fund the Olive Way).

We have now created a new investment account, to help cover all of our missional expenses (i.e., everything other than maintenance): the Current Mission Fund, or “CMF”.

Like the other accounts, it’s invested ethically through U Ethical. In the long term, it should earn very good returns (although at the moment, the market is quite volatile). Whatever it does earn will be reinvested in it, to make it last longer.

Our intention is to use this Fund as a reserve to offset any annual deficits in our missional budget. If we can create a substantial CMF now – say $200,000–300,000 – then we could be confident of covering those deficits, at least for the next five years. Ideally, of course, a combination of significantly increased regular giving AND a healthy Current Mission Fund would allow us to be confident of covering our missional expenses for many years to come. 

At the time of writing, the CMF has received $20,000 from two early responses to the Missional Appeal. (Thank you, dear donors!) How much can we build it up, with your generosity?

A new way to give

With this new account, now there’s a new way you can give. In addition to your regular offerings and special-purpose donations to our usual bank account, you can now make direct contributions to the Current Mission Fund via BPAY. All such contributions are completely confidential.

BUC Current Mission Fund
BPAY Biller Code: 354548
Reference: 115732208

(You can also make direct contributions to the Joan Gilchrist Fund or the Maintenance Fund if you prefer – contact me for details, 0418 613 898.)

You can give any amount to the CMF using this BPAY method. During and after this period of Missional Appeal, you might consider, for example:

  • making a special “thanks-giving” offering, 
  • sharing a proportion of money you’ve received, by inheritance, investment or otherwise, or
  • making a “living will” donation, i.e., giving part of your savings now rather than (or as well as) in your will.
  • As always, feel free to ask me about any of this, or anything else to do with BUC’s finances.

Shawn Whelan, Treasurer