Dear friends of BUC,
As on our FB page and my announcement at church today (27/2), I invite you to donate to help a Tongan Seasonal worker who is currently recovering from major heart surgery at RMH. I have met Lopeti through my work there in Pastoral Care and I have been so glad of the way in which the Uniting Church has been able to offer help. Rev Salesi Faupula has offered regular phone calls and prayer in Lopeti’s first language and other direct help. Dr Mark Zirnsak, the Senior Social Justice Advocate,  has been in contact with Lopeti’s employers and  set up a donation pathway. If you want to add your financial support here is how:
The Uniting Church is facilitating donations to support Lopeti’s family in Tonga at this time.
 If you would like to contribute you can call (03) 9340 8815 during office hours and pay over the phone.
 Or e-mail and ask for EFT details. You will need to put Lopeti Donation in the EFT reference line.
Thanks again for your listening and your concern.
Julie Perrin, UC Chaplain, RMH Spiritual/Pastoral Care.