Climate Council’s Heat Map of Australia

The Climate Council has just launched a new interactive tool, the Climate Council’s Heat Map of Australia, which illustrates exactly how further cuts to climate pollution will help protect your neighbourhood.

The heat map brings to life the impacts Australians can expect under different climatechange scenarios, and it does this for every neighbourhood in the country! This interactive tool underscores how taking stronger climate action this decade will shape our lives and those of future generations.

See the impact on your suburb!
Importantly, this map demonstrates how we all benefit if we act faster now. The choices made this decade will dramatically affect the kind of community our children and grandchildren inherit. Stronger action now to cut climate pollution will substantially limit the number of very hot days and uncomfortably hot nights we experience in the future. Extreme heat can be deadly. It harms our health, our environment and puts the food, energy and transport systems we rely on under severe strain. For some places, this may be the difference between remaining habitable or not.
Take action: Share the map!

Sharing the climate heat map with your networks means more people understand the opportunity we have to better protect our families and communities by rapidly building out renewable energy, and phasing out pollution from coal, oil and gas. You can make this tool an even greater catalyst for change by tagging the Prime Minister & Opposition Leader in your social media post on twitter so they feel community pressure to cut climate pollution faster and further.

When you share the heat map you can copy and paste this sentence (or write your own one): “Australian families, workers & communities are already suffering under extreme heat & this will only get worse with more climate pollution. Our leaders must rapidly cut climatepollution to keep our families safe.
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And if you have Twitter, tag @AlboMP & @PeterDutton_MP on your post!