Ian at Glenwaverly

Sunday 4th of February was a busy day for BUC people wanting to follow our clergy friends into new callings.

Three couples from BUC went to Glen Waverley Uniting church to witness the induction of Ian Ferguson into his new placement.

There was even a member of Ian’s Black Rock congregation – over 10 years back – there to support his next move!

We were welcomed warmly by Ian, Beth, Brianna and Maeve – as well as the local congregation.

It’s a church building around 100 years newer than Brunswick and was very comfortable thanks to air conditioning powered by solar panels on the roof.

The congregation knew they were very lucky to have Ian (we told them!) and the event was a happy time for all involved.

Ian promised the new congregation to go gently on the sci-fi based sermon illustrations for a little while.

Mal Rowe

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An afternoon of Celebration and New Beginnings

On Sunday 4th February at 2pm there were some special events happening for people and Uniting Church Congregations.

While Ian Ferguson was being inducted into his new Parish of Glen Waverley, Annie Brophy (who Undertook a 1 day a week Pastoral Care role at BUC from September to December 2023) and her husband Kyle Moffatt where being “Ordained” into ministry in the Uniting Church and inducted into the Parish of Ocean Grove/ Barwon Heads.

Annie and Kylie both felt the call to ministry several years ago whilst they were living in rural NSW and supporting their little local church. Whilst continuing to work in their own professions (Annie as an accountant) and Kyle in Education, they both undertook Theological studies. Later they moved to Melbourne to be closer to places they could further their studies, and Kyle joined the Essendon Grammar/Penleigh Chaplaincy team where he’s been for the last 3 years whilst completing his Master of Divinity.

Annie meanwhile continued her studies and followed her passion for Theology and Pastoral Care and finished her Master of Divinity late last year. How fortunate we were at Brunswick to have her with us – even if only a very short time, to support us as uphold one another with care and compassion.

Annie and Kyle were invited (received a Call) to a shared (.5 each) ministry position in Ocean Grove – Barwon heads late last year. How joyous it was to be present (along with BUC – Presbytery Representatives Kate Scull and Jamie Thom) to witness them both entering ordained ministry and being inducted into their first placement. It was wonderful their son Henry also took part in the service as its been a life changing thing for him with the moves and changes he’s gone through over the last few years.

Both Annie and Kylie are continuing to further their studies and follow their ministry areas of passion and will be undertaking Ph D studies over the next few years.

We were reminded during the reflection at the service, led by Rev Professor Stephen Burns, about what we treasure and the treasures of the church. The people are the treasures of the church, and we give thanks for Annie and Kylie and wish them (and their son Henry who’s just started year 12 at PEGS) all the best.

Gwen Arnold