One of the outcomes of the 2018 Olive Way Review was the Respect project from which emerged a series of postcards created by the Olive Arts Collective artists.  As always with the Sydney Road Street Party the Justice & Mission Committee wanted to invite passersby to interact with our iconic rainbow and so we decided to follow the theme of respect.

We asked three simple questions

  • What does respect mean to you?
  • Who or what do you respect?
  • How do you show respect?

We were delighted and humbled by the enthusiastic response to the invitation to reflect on and write an answer to the questions.  People of all ages and from many walks of life took time to think, reflect and write a response and to paperclip it to the rainbow.  They stopped and read other peoples answers and took lots of photos.

Here now are the responses offered in no particular order or hierarchy, transcribed to honour the thoughts and views of our wider community.