Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Holy God, creator of all that is:
You love us
with a force that is stronger than death,
Overcoming even our darkest thoughts,
Giving us hope in the future
Even when things seem impossible.
We praise you! Hallelujah!

Jesus Christ, bringer of peace:
You surprise us,
standing before us when we least expect you
Challenging our doubts,
Calling us to believe
Even when things seem impossible.
We praise you! Hallelujah!

Holy Spirit, breathing through us:
You fill us,
giving us strength and courage
Helping us to forgive when we have been hurt
Teaching us to love the unlovely,
Even when things seem impossible.
We praise you! Hallelujah!

Holy God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, we turn to you
knowing we are imperfect in our beliefs and in our actions.
knowing our world is imperfect in showing justice to all people.
Help us to see your resurrection,
give us the confidence we need to believe that Christ came to bring forgiveness,
opening the doors to heaven, reminding us that all are loved, and all is forgiven.

Sisters and brothers, hear the Good News:
through Christ, in Christ, and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Natalie Sims, offered for worship by Helen Burnham, 24/04/22, Easter 2C

Prayers of the people

Praise the Lord with all the church has to offer
Instruments, trumpet, guitars, strings, drums, voices,

With everything we have, and all we are, we praise you for you have done wonderful things.
We are your Easter people and we join our voices together in prayer.
God of wonders,

We pray for the victims of war. For families torn apart, for soldiers forced to fight, for those trying to defend their land and for the millions of refugees throughout the world. We pray especially for those still imprisoned here in Australia. Wherever there is conflict, ethnic or religious cleansing, we pray for tolerance and an end to aggression and greed. We pray for peace.
Mother and father of creation.

We pray for our world suffering through climate change. The signs are everywhere. We pray for those suffering through the floods here in Australia and droughts and food shortages in other countries.  For islands slowly sinking under the sea and our animals and flora disappearing. For earthquakes in Turkey and Tsunamis in Tonga. We pray for governments and leaders who will care for the future of our children and very earth we walk on.
Resurrected Jesus

We pray for your Church. For people of faith everywhere to raise our voices, to speak your word, to be your light in this troubled world. We  pray for all who gather, watch online, or work in this place, and for all who come here to find you. May we see with your eyes, work with your hands, and speak your words of peace.
Mother, Father, Jesus, Spirit

We are your Easter people and we pray for all who suffer from illness, discrimination in it’s many forms, imprisonment, unemployment, hunger, inequality. As we leave here and go into the coming week, May we take you with us, and share your love and peace with all we meet.

We pray these things in the name of our risen Lord, Jesus


Helen Burnham, offered for worship 24/04/22, Easter 2C