Prayers of Adoration & Confession


God so loved the world. The world is created in love.
Tiny seed to massive tree, tiny seed to vulnerable child, to woman or man.
Everything is here to nurture it and the seed bursts from the ground,
the child bursts from the womb, full of hope and promise.
All a part of your precious gift of love.

Jesus, lover of my soul. You came to us and lived the life we have.
Not God sitting on a throne, but God eating, drinking, playing, walking, learning and loving like us.
You are the love that makes the impossible happen and turns the world upside down.

Spirit, breath of love. You breathe into us when we are weary.
Imperfect and doubting, you light the spark that inspires us.
Even when we turn away you are always constant.

Holy One, Three in One

Forgive us when we fail in love.
When we are miserly and mean with our love.
When we turn our heads so we don’t see or cross the road and walk on the other side.
When we only love those who think like us, live like us, look like us.

Holy Three in one, God of David, the Prophets, Hannah and Mary, may we be able to say, with them, “Yes”.

So here is the great mystery.
God pushing his way into the world down the birth canal of an unmarried teenager.
But God doesn’t make mistakes, God turns the world around, we just don’t see with God’s eyes.
In Jesus, God is with us, and our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Helen Burnham, offered for worship 20/12/20, Advent 4B

Prayers of the people


God of generous love,
Jesus of compassionate love
Spirit of renewing love
On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we pray for love.

We pray that love may spread throughout the world,
Bursting its way into places of conflict,
Seeping into where there is distrust,
Entering places of power,
Spreading like a ripple in a pond until it encompasses all.

We pray that we may love one another
That love may be the beginning and ending of
how we speak to each other,
how we write to each other,
how we speak of each other.

We pray that we may nurture love,
In our churches,
In our schools,
In our workplaces,
In our supermarkets and petrol stations.

We pray for
generous love,
selfless love,
thoughtful love,
faithful love,
patient love.

As we live God’s future now
this Advent season,
May we live
God’s generous love,
Jesus’ compassionate love
And the boundless love of the Spirit.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 20/12/20, Advent 4B