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From the Port Philip West Presbytery – For those who
have contracted the Covid-19 virus and for their loved ones
are most at risk and live in fear of catching the virus
have lost their income as a result of the virus
are not able to travel to be with their loved ones
have the logistical chaos of planning for funerals or weddings

BUC News

Worship on Sundays
Worship will be continue to be live streamed on Sundays in accordance with government restrictions.  During worship on Sunday 29th March the majority of the components of liturgy will be pre-recorded.  We are grateful for the feedback received during and following our first live stream outing and apologise for the mix-up with the YouTube channel that was used.  This has now being sorted and you can definitely access the service by searching Brunswick Uniting Church on YouTube or access it directly via this link.

Pastoral Care
In this time of physical isolation pastoral care is a high priority.  The Pastoral Care Committee encourages us all to play our part.  Here are some ways that we can support each other:

  • members of committees and existing programs are encouraged to contact each regularly
  • we are delivering food to vulnerable people and families, if you can help out please let us know
  • for people are self isolating you might like to offer do shopping for them
  • you can call people who are not part of programs and groups just to have a chat
  • offer to connect with people who live alone
  • find out how you can support the Olive Way Ministry
  • make a donation towards purchasing stamps for the weekly postings to people who do not have internet connection (see notice from notice from the finance committee re bank account details and mark your donation POSTAGE)

If you are interested in being involved in any of the above please contact Gwen Arnold, 0413 047 938‬ or Peter Blair for the Olive Way, 0431 193 810‬.

Olive Arts
The Olive Arts program is in recess for now.  Artists were offered art packs to take home at the session on Wednesday.  If you would like an art pack or know of someone who would benefit from one please contact Ann Soo, (, 0422 842 244).

This beautiful worship series for school aged children and adults is being offered for two more weeks during Lent and Holy Week via Zoom – 1st & 8th April.  There will be some slight changes to the format we have used in the past.  Contact Dave Hall, CYYA pastor, for more information, 0417 310 128.

The Olive Pages
The 2020 Olive Pages (Directory of contact details and other useful information) was published on 22nd March.  If you have not received a copy by email or post please call Saide, 0407 096 743.

Lenten Offering
The Justice & Mission committee encourages everyone to support the Synod of VicTas Lenten Offering Appeal
If you have been filling an envelope at home you are invited to deposit the money you have set aside directly to our church bank account (Uniting Church Brunswick, ANZ Bank Brunswick, 013-236 8687863) identified as Lent Offering or via the information provided in the link.

Finance News

As you might imagine, the coronavirus safety measures are having a significant impact on our finances. We’re currently losing over $1000 per week in cash/envelope giving. Income from other sources (like hall hire and interest on investments) is also dropping fast. Meanwhile, most of our expenses continue as normal.
Please give directly to BUC, whether it’s a regular automated amount or a one-time payment that you set up each week. You can easily set up either approach through your online or mobile banking, using these details for our bank account:
BSB: 013-236, Account: 0086-87863. Please write “Gift” or “Offering” in the reference line, so we can distinguish it from other kinds of deposits.
Contact any member of Finance Committee for more information or assistance. Thank you for continuing to support BUC’s worship and mission in these challenging times!
Shawn Whelan, Treasurer

Olive Way News

Sadly the Olive Way will be closed from Tuesday 24 March until Thursday 16 April and this will be reviewed again at that time.   We do this regretfully but believe this is in line with new recommendations regarding association of people coming from our governments.  To stop meeting at the Olive Way does not mean that we have to cease having a “presence” or cease communicating with participants.

Peter has begun to create a list of actions that can be implemented, including maintaining contact with people by phone and email.
We would be grateful if all members of the congregation could share any innovative ideas and/or a willingness to have a conversation with Olive Way participants.

New measures and any other new ideas coming from the congregation will need a considerable amount of co-ordination and implementation time and effort.  Peter Blair will need support and assistance. We are therefore proposing that the Olive Way Steering Group become an “action group” which other interested people can join to help with the overall task.  Anyone interested in providing innovative ideas, being a conversation partner, or joining the “action group” can contact Peter Blair or Richard Arnold

Climate Action News

BUC Climate Crisis Action Plan
In November 2019, the congregation declared a Climate Crisis and committed to developing a Climate Crisis Plan by May 2020. The Church Council needs help with drafting, and then implementing this Action Plan!

Coronavirus Lockdown

(A limerick)

What can our church do to inspire us
When faced with the Coronavirus?
We can’t get together
To pray and to blether
For fear that this bug will expire us!

There’s a plus, even though there’s a minus
In dealing with rules that confine us
Lovely people who care
Who find ways to share
Expressing the love to combine us

So thankyou from two of your oldies
Your wise deeds have truly been goldies
Your kindnesses gifted
Find hearts that are lifted
Thank God for the hope that enfolds us

Jenny Hunter, 22/03/2020