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Welcoming Ceremony

At least once, and often twice, a year we offer people who are new to the congregation an invitation to share their story and publicly express their desire to be part of this community and say that it is their spiritual home for now.

After people have shared their stories these questions are asked:

To those who are being welcomed“Do you name the Brunswick Uniting Church congregation as your community of faith and do you commit yourself to actively participating within this community?”

To the congregation“Do you joyfully receive these people as fellow travellers along the way of discipleship, and do you commit yourself as a community of Jesus Christ to maintain the life of faith?”

The second opportunity to offer this formal welcome for 2017 will be during worship on Sunday 12th November.

Please note that this is not formal church membership although people who do have UCA membership are encouraged to transfer membership.

Please contact Ian Ferguson 0438 547 842 to indicate your interest in participating in the welcoming ceremony.


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