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We need your input into our plan to combat Climate Change.
On Sunday 12 January there will be an opportunity for you to do this.
Come along and join one of the tables during morning tea.

We would like you to think about ideas under our four commitments which we made when we declared a CLIMATE CRISIS.
1. BUC will continue to develop our theological understanding and our personal & collective discipleship as the people of God living in a time of climate crisis.
2. The plan will include specific targets for BUC to become carbon positive. We will encourage and empower households to do the same.
3. BUC, both collectively and as individual members, will engage with the wider church, as well as other faith communities, groups and people in our local communities, on the climate crisis.
4. BUC, both collectively and as individual members, will urge all levels of government, as well as business, to declare a climate crisis and commit to restoring a safe climate by immediately allocating the necessary resources across the economy, and by changing unsustainable business practices.

See you on Sunday morning

And don’t forget to check the Earth Button on our website

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