The Merri Project: consultations about BUC’s future mission

What’s going on?

  • The “cottage” at 4 Merri Street, Brunswick (behind the Youth Hall, currently rented out) is in poor condition, is likely to cost us a considerable amount to repair, and is not supporting any of our missional goals.
  • We have decided to review the use of that cottage, and possibly other parts of our property near it. Any significant changes that we make would likely take place over several years, starting from 2020 or 2021.
  • Before making any renovation or redevelopment plans, we need to consider our missional goals into the future. Then we can work outwards towards a vision for that part of our property.
  • To do this, we are planning to consult widely within the congregation to identify the missional direction of BUC into the future. Building on our existing Mission Report (2016) and 2017-21 Strategic Plan, we’ll be looking ahead to 2022 and beyond.
  • We will also consult with BIUC, ASWC, other local churches, and community groups who use our facilities.
  • A “Merri Project Steering Group” has been established by Church Council to plan and oversee this work. Its members are Shawn Whelan, Amelia Ware, Meg Orton, Mike Denison, and Kirsty Bennett.

What do we want to achieve?

Over the next few months, we will:

  1. Review our current and future missional activities and behaviours at BUC.
  2. Review and adjust priorities for future missional activities at BUC.
  3. Map how property is currently used at BUC.
  4. Explore the property requirements which come from the missional priorities.

This will be reported back to Church Council to determine next steps – which might include developing specific proposals for a renovation or redevelopment project.

How will the BUC consultations work?

  • We’re planning three sessions: 28 July, early September (date TBC), mid October (date TBC). Each one will build on the previous conversations.
  • All are invited! We do ask that people come to all three sessions if possible.
4 Merri St front

4 Merri St, front

4 Merri St, rear

Next consultation

Key documents and resources

Reports and updates from the MPSG

Here we will add reports and updates from our consultations as they become available.