While the doors of our church are closed we are lighting candles at home for worship.

We began sharing the stories of the candles we are lighting during worship.  More recently (from 16th August) the worship committee has been inviting people to light their candle and share a video as part of the recorded worship services.  These stories continue the initial series.  Click on the photos to read each person’s story.

Advent 3, 13/12

Advent 2, 6/12

Advent 1, 29/11

Deb Blackmore & Mikul Denison, 22/10

Kimberly Fraser, 15/10

Alison Nixon & David Rees, 18/10

Brad Coath 11/10

James Clough 4/10

Peter Blair, 27/9

Jean Elliot, 20/9

Gus Argote, 13/9

Rosalind Smallwood, 6/9

Jenne Perlstein, 30/8

Julie Perrin, 23/8

Fiona Bottcher, 16/8

Kirsty Bennett 26/7

Anne Ramsay

Kate Scull