Alive in me,  W:  Sheree Anderson, M:  Dave Brown, (recording)

All will finish well,  Dave Brown, (recording)

Can you see God?,  Matthew Lees, (recording)

Community,  Dave Brown, (recording)

Cover us with Love, Elaine Loukes, (recording)

Dare to Dream, Elaine Loukes, (recording)

Father of Earth,Dave Brown, (recording)

Forgive us now, Dave Brown, (recording)

God is walking in the Garden, Dave Brown, (recording)

The God that I know, W:  Sheree Anderson, M:  Dave Brown, (recording)

God’s Mercy, Sheree Anderson, (recording)

A Grain of Wheat, Sheree Anderson, (recording)

Hail the Fisherfolk, Dave Brown, (recording)

Hosanna, Dave Brown, (recording)

In the shape of a Cross, Dave Brown, (recording)

Invitation, Shawn Whelan, (recording)

Isaiah 61 (The Spirit of the Lord), Elaine Loukes, (recording)

Jesus is waiting, Dave Brown, (recording)

Kingdom come, Matthew Lees, (recording)

Longing, Elaine Loukes, (recording)

Making things new, Sheree Anderson, (recording)

May you go well, Dave Brown, (recording)

Our God who weeps, Kate Scull, (recording)

Peace in our time, Dave Brown, (recording)

Save us in the time of trial, Shawn Whelan, (recording)

Shepherd of the night, Elaine Loukes, (recording)

Tune In, Natalie Sims, (recording)

A vision strong, Shawn Whelan, (recording)

We will sing a new song, Dave Brown, (recording)

Your Abundant Life, Dave Brown, (recording)