During Lent & Holy Week we respond creatively to the stories of our faith drawing on the gifts of our community and in the context of our desire to live as followers of the risen Christ.


During Holy Week we carried our Lenten listening on a pilgrimage through our worship. 
We sang a pilgrim’s greeting – ‘Peace, Salaam, Shalom’.
We marked our listening with a story staff, beautifully sculpted and carved by Colin Hunter. 
We remembered and placed the stories of our time alongside Jesus’ story. 
We responded to the Bible readings: 
Jesus says, ‘Take up your cross and follow me’ – By your strength in me, O God.
We prayed, we sang, we grieved, we shared bread and wine.
We listened, remembered and celebrated together as God’s pilgrim people.

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Holy Week was an amazing experience of engaging with the central stories of our faith through actions, prayers, story telling, images and rituals.   We drew on the rich traditions of our faith, our local customs and the enormous generosity, gift and talents of our congregation.  Thank you to the musicians, many of whom played and sang in two or more of the five services, to Jenny Hunter and Valmai Brunlow for the beautiful floral displays that became our Easter Garden and to everyone else who worked behind the scenes to make this week so memorable and amazing.  

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  • Ian wrote about the Lenten journey in his Meditation in the March Olive Branch.
  • The Nourish Lenten series invited us to wonder about God’s welcome.
  • The Lenten theme of welcome was carried through the Holy Week series and our beautiful welcome banner reminded us again and again of the welcome that we receive in God’s heart and at God’s table.


Our worship during Holy Week was shaped by the prayers that we offered

  • writing prayers for the time of trial on Maundy Thursday
  • creating a Prayer Garden on Good Friday with objects and symbols from Ash Wednesday, Lent and Maundy Thursday and writing prayers on black crosses to place in the garden
  • recreating the Prayer Garden on Easter Sunday and praying the prayer of the flowers opening up in new life to the sun

Read more here, pages from the April 2016 Olive Branch


Stories to come …