On Baptism of Jesus B, 10th January we welcome Rev. Narelle Collas, one of our Presbytery ministers as our preacher.   We reflected on baptism, how we look at and respond to baptism and what is means to be beloved.

  • Watch the service for the first time or again on YouTube.  Please be aware that the sound and video quality improves at approximately 10.00
  • Read the complete order of service.
  • Read or watch the Sunday Prayers.
  • Watch Narelle’s sermon here.

How do we respond to January 26 this year?
For many First Nations Peoples this is a time of grief.  This is not a political issue, it is a personal one.

  • We invite you to attend the #ChangeTheHeart Service on Monday, 25 January 2021 7:30 pm BUC will gather together to pray, on line and in unison, with one of Australia’s most senior Aboriginal Christian Leaders, Aunty Jean Phillips,  on the evening before January 26.  Watch the video for more information and for details of how to join in https://www.commongrace.org.au/tunein
  • BUC is also holding an Aboriginal Sunday service on 31 January 2021.   We will be listening deeply to and being led by Aboriginal Christian Leaders.