Worship 28/5, Pentecost Sunday

Daniel Broadstock welcomed us to worship on Pentecost Sunday.  We reflected upon the tongues of fire that came upon the disciples, worshipping with the Spirit that binds us together in love, that compels us to justice, that gives gifts for the building up of the Kingdom.  During a time of reflection and response we wrote or drew a prayer for the gifts needed in ourselves and our community for the furthering of Christ’s kingdom.

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 11:31

Mothering God and hovering Spirit of justice,
You are good, and your promises endure throughout every generation.
Never do you waver or fail or forget your loving kindness.

Father of mercy, renew the prophecy of Joel among us:

Pour your spirit out on all flesh
Run us through with grace and mercy, and saturate us with restless righteousness.
Pour out a great thunderstorm of love, to wash evil and selfishness out of the cracks of our heart and turn us toward goodness.

Give to us your sons and daughters new prophecies of justice
Strengthen us to tear down tyrants, to see through pride and flattering lies, to resist division and exploitation.
To abide by no law but love and to honour no Kingdom but Christ’s.

Plant within us new dreams and visions, for both young and old.
Let us dream the dream of a healed and restored creation.
Fill us with visions of humanity made whole. Banish hatred, petty self-interest, worthless politicking and wars of domination.
Rise up amongst us new apostles, filled with your Spirit, and new prophets who will speak words of judgment against evil.

God, we don’t know what we will become. We worry for our future, for the future of the earth, for the future of our church. Help us to hold these old stories to our heart as we remember that your Spirit is still with us, and with you all is still possible.

In the transforming name of Christ,

Word of Grace

Friends of the Spirit of God is still with us, and with God all things are possible.
It begins here: hear the word of grace that in Christ, through Christ, and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be God.

Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship 28/05/2023, Pentecost Sunday A

Prayers of the people

Watch or 53:54

Creator God,

Bless us this Pentecost season. Open our eyes to see the needs of the world, and our ears to hear your voice, whatever language it speaks in or the background of the speaker. May we heed your call that everyone belongs, and use our individual gifts as you intended.


We pray for the world, particularly those areas that are struggling with conflict, famine, and hardship. This week, we call to mind those struggling in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria, among others. Help us to listen to the communities crying out for help, and be moved to act in whatever way we can.


Closer to home, we pray for justice and open hearts. May we be called to listen to others and hear their truth, even when it makes for uncomfortable listening. We pray in particular for Stan Grant, and other First Nations peoples who have felt ignored or abandoned when they should have been welcomed and supported. As we journey towards the referendum for the Voice to Parliament, may we encourage others to listen to their heartfelt words, and respond with grace.


We also pray for our local community during this very cold start to Waring, Wombat season. The increased cost of living, including higher electricity and gas prices, is having an impact. We pray for those who will struggle to make ends meet, as well as those without shelter. May we do what we can to support each other.


Finally, we pray for the church. Next week, BUC has our AGM, and with it, our annual election of Church Council and Elders. We pray for those who are currently on Council, those whose terms are finishing, and those who have stepped forward for consideration. Let us build a church of many voices. May we delight in each other’s gifts and be amazed by them, not dismissive of what we do not understand.

We ask these things in the name of Christ our Lord.


Clare Keogh, offered for worship 28/05/2023, Pentecost Sunday A

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