During our Season of Creation series we built a picture of the annual seasons of our local area as identified by the people of the Kulin Nation, by associating changes in the weather with the life cycles of indigenous plants and animals, and movements in the night sky.

Poorneet, Tadpole Season, the season we are in currently, then
Buath Gurru, Grass Flowering Season,
Kangaroo Apple Season
as Christmas approaches,
Biderap, Dry Season
and Luk, Eel Season
From April to July is Waring, Wombat Season
Finally we reach Guling Orchid Season

Read here for the full details for each of these seasons and photos of the emerging installation.

With thanks to Amelia Ware, member of the Brunswick Worship Committee
Details sourced from Melbourne Museum

Indigenous Recognition Sculpture

The Indigenous Recognition Sculpture (in the front corner of our property) was installed in December 2012. The sculpture acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and also the significance of the gum leaves used in the opening of the church after the renovations to our property in 2010.

You can read the story here.

This story originally appeared in the September 2013 Olive Branch (monthly newsletter).