Boom! Crash! Thud, thud, thud…If you are hearing loud noises from the main church building next to Olive Way, chances are you might be thinking there is construction going on. But no, its only Alan, sharpening up his drumming technique and trying to get his groove back after many, many years away from the kit.

Picking up an instrument after many years is a challenge. Alan says he used to play for a band that performed in the local area in the early ‘70’s. The name escapes him (‘Day Go? Diego?’), but he says it was a lot fun. He learnt in the city, in the building next to the Brashes off Swanston St. Those were wild times, he says.

Over the years Alan has settled down (a bit), and pursued other things whilst his drumming has receded to the background. As life has slowed down a bit more he has noticed the kit at Brunswick Uniting Church, and at Salvos, and has decided to give it a go again. And why not! Olive Way is all about finding your groove in life. We at Olive Way hope that we can be one small part of people finding their groove…and everyone’s groove is different!