Planning for Holy Week

The worship committee has started thinking about Holy Week.  We are holding a special meeting on Wednesday 6th March, 7pm, in the worship space and would love to welcome anyone who is interested in planning the series of services:  Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Dawn Service, Easter Day.  If you are interested please contact [...]

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Sunday Prayers 10/4

Prayers of Adoration Watch or 7:30 Our prayer of Adoration today is Psalm 118. We sing the hymn Hosanna interspersed through it. Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 O give thanks to the HOLY ONE, who is good; whose steadfast love endures forever! Let Israel say, “God’s steadfast love endures forever.” Hosanna, Hosanna Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna, [...]

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Holy Week 2021

We travelled the long Lenten journey with Jesus, reflecting on the gifts of the covenant, the rainbow arch of God’s love, the promise of descendants, the gift of the Ten Commandments, the promise of healing in the desert and the law of love written on our hearts.   In Holy Week we entered Jerusalem, [...]

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Holy Week

Throughout Holy Week we will be using symbols derived through Lent from stories of God’s covenant love and promise to inspire our prayer and worship – the rainbow of hope, the stars of promise, the stones of groundedness, the snakeskin of growth and the heart of love. Palm Sunday, 28th March, 9:30am Maundy Thursday, 1st [...]

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Are you ready to walk into this week?

On Palm Sunday Valentina Satvedi offered three short reflections responding to our readings asking questions each time: Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 - How may we share our experience of God's steadfast love? Matthew 21:1-8 - Where are we being called to go this Sunday? Matthew 21:9-11 - What might we discover as we walk through Holy [...]

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Palm Sunday

apw Our worship during Holy Week will offer a series of stations, a pilgrimage, which will allow us to respond to and honour the contemporary stories that we have been listening to during Lent.  We want to allow the voices of the children, the victims, the survivors, the communities, the people [...]

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Holy Week Worship

Holy Week was an amazing experience of engaging with the central stories of our faith through actions, prayers, story telling, images and rituals.  We drew on the rich traditions of our faith, our local customs and the enormous generosity, gift and talents of our congregation. Palm Sunday Holy Week [...]

Olive Press for 18/3

Prayer Points Ministry Team Ecumenical Neighbours Assembly President ASWC CY&YA Committee Property Committee Mulling Hospitality Ministry Sanctuary Movement Indigenous Hospitality House UCA Assembly Creatures of the air BUC News Time of Lament, Confession & Commitment During worship on  Sunday 11th March we offered a Time of [...]

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