Worship, 31/7, Pentecost 8

Julie Perrin welcomed us to worship on 31st July.  We heard the parable of The Rich Farmer, a story told with humour and a bluntness there is no getting away from.  There were also reflections on Psalm 85 from the Worshipping with the Psalms invitation - visual, written and spoken contributions woven in through [...]

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Prayer as remembrance

Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor, reflected on the challenge of prayer. Note - the video and then audio dropped out just as Peter was beginning his reflection. The reflection begins with a minute of two of lower quality audio only before the new livestream commences. Commences at 29:49

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Worship, 24/7

Join us for worship on 24th July.  We will hear the pared back version of The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught his disciples, in Luke 11:1-13. And in Psalm 138 we listen to a prayerful song of praise from David. What is prayer? Is it a monologue, a conversation, or our shopping list? We are [...]

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