During worship on Sunday 9th February Michael Cameron and Bella Taranto will be confirmed as members of Brunswick Uniting Church. Bella and Michael have participated in an Understanding Faith group led by Ian and Dave and have subsequently requested confirmation.  In the ceremony they will acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, commit to [...]

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Sunday Morning Program Blessing

During worship on we will commission the leaders and assistants of the Sunday Morning Program and bless the children who will participate. In particular the children starting school and moving from one age group to the next will be acknowledged. The congregation, parents, teachers and assistants will be asked to make commitments in this [...]

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Talk Faith

An opportunity to meet to talk faith Do you have questions that need answering? Do you have answers that need questioning? Do you want to share the company of the children of God and explore faith together? Come and delve into the bible and transitions (I meant to type traditions but I’ll let it [...]

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Sunday Prayers 25/11

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Creator God, you are the source of all life Our thoughts, our dreams, our creative inspirations have their source in the abundance of your love. You surround us with beauty, mystery and wonder reminding us constantly that in you we have fullness of life. Christ our Saviour, you walked [...]

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Voluntary Assisted Dying panel

A Forum exploring the Practical, Pastoral and Theological implications of Victoria’s new VAD legislation. Q&A with an expert on the Victorian Legislation, a Theologian, and a Pastoral Educator. Speakers: Mr Joel Hallinan, Inquiry Officer, Parliament of Victoria, Legal and Social Issues Committee. Inquiry into End of Life Choices. Rev DrJason Goroncy - Jason Goroncy, Senior [...]

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Marginal or mainstream?

A workshop to support an inclusive church community It goes without saying that groups are diverse and complex. In every group or community some people feel comfortable at the centre while others find themselves on the periphery. Groups can grow and become healthier by intentionally engaging with these dynamics. What does it mean to [...]

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The Basis of Union

The Basis of Union - What is it?  Why should we care? On Thursday 16th November (for the final instalment of the third Spiritual Survival Guide, offered by our Discipleship & Education Committee) Geoff Thompson reminded us of the importance of the Basis of Union as the foundation document of the Uniting Church. We read [...]

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The Basis of Union

What is it?  Should we care? The Basis is the document to which the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist churches agreed to in order to form the Uniting Church. Should we care? Yes, because far from merely being a document of the theological fashions of the 1960s, it was even then cutting across conventional theological [...]

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