The Justice & Mission committee together with the Climate Action group offered activities to engage people in reflecting on climate change.  It was a hot and windy day and people were less inclined to stop this year.  Even so we made an impact with some lovely contributions on the rainbow (in response to the question ‘How are your responding to climate change?‘), lots of bookmarks and postcards handed out, a lovely presence with LMAW, the excellent addition of the ARRCC tent, an open worship space and the cool relaxing space offered to make art in the youth hall with scones and cold water to enjoy.

Thank you to Richard Arnold, James Thom, Jenny & Colin Hunter, Ray Cameron, Larissa Baglieri, Julie Perrin, Kirsty Brown, James Clough, Shawn Whelan, Jenne Perlstein, Graham Lawrence, Ann Soo, Leanne Salau, Natalie Papworth, Maggie Haines, Amelia Ware, Philippa Hamilton-Smith, Janet Reus-Smit, Christine Hornby, Abi Benham-Bannon, Kirsty Bennett, Anye Kavansakul, Clara Hall for all your varied contributions.

Saide Cameron, for the JAM committee – Kirsty Bennet, Abi Benham-Bannon, Ann Soo, Leanne Salau, Gwen Arnold, Richard Arnold.

Kirsty prepared the signs.  Clara and Anye decorated them.  They looked great out on the street.  Amelia, Maggie and Kimberly created a chalked pathway from the rainbow to the youth hall where Ann, Leanne and Natalie hosted a space where people were invited to create art for climate change.  Delicious scones with jam and cream made by Jenny and Saide were on offer.

The bookmarks were made using slices of Ann Soo’s paintings created for Richard Arnold’s book ‘Cradled in the arms of love’.  On the back we invited people to visit our earth button.  If you would like copies of the bookmarks email 

We prepared postcards for people to sign and send addressed to four different politicians.  If you would like a set of postcards to sign and send off yourself please email