A Better Provider for the Church’s Electricity

Australia’s energy market now includes companies with a wide range of prices, emissions levels and policies for decarbonising the country’s industry, which makes it important who we choose to buy electricity from. The church was disappointed last year to see our previous supplier sold to one of the world’s biggest polluters and worst advocates against climate action, and pleased to see the report in February from Greenpeace into the cleanest and dirtiest power suppliers in each state.

The Greenpeace report is titled Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide and can be easily found by searching on this name. It is an excellent report.

That’s how we came to the message in the last few weeks’ Olive Press — the church now buys electricity from Diamond Energy, we get a discount if you do too, and that was over 10% within the first week of making the switch. If you decide to switch to Diamond Energy you need to say that Brunswick Uniting Church, 210 – 212 Sydney Road Brunswick, referred you.

The Greenpeace report has been a huge boost to Diamond and the other top clean electricity providers, so if you make the switch you’ll notice their sales teams are somewhat swamped, but this is a significant step forward for making the whole energy supply renewable. And having renewable electricity is what enables us to take the next step in removing our carbon footprint, by replacing all our gas heating.