Sunday Worship 31/3, Easter Day

Saide Cameron welcomed us to worship on 31st March.  We celebrated the Risen Christ, remembering the women’s devotion as they brought spices for burial, flowering the cross and rejoicing that God’s love sets us free.

Holy Week worship – A special edition Olive Branch will be published within the next two weeks.  Meanwhile you can catch up on the services by watching online or reading the orders of service

Easter Prayer

Watch or 10:38

This is a day of resurrection, we offered our confessions on Good Friday and so let us take a breath together, filling our lungs with joy as we turn towards the Risen Christ in prayer.

Jesus of the wilderness we walked with you
through the long Season of Lent
turning away from fear and judgement,
turning towards all that is true and good.

Today we turn our attention away
from the harshness of the cross,
away from the tomb that held you so briefly
turning towards you in your risen glory.

Jesus of the Easter Garden, you name us
you call us out from our fearful, sorrowing silence
and send us out to share the Good News
that love will always reign even in the deepest darkness.

Jesus, Risen Christ, you show us the way
your love sets us free to follow you
in a world much in need of your foolish wisdom,
your passion and justice seeking
your abiding compassion.


Saide Cameron, offered for worship 31/03/2024, Easter Day B

Prayers of the people

Watch or 38:59

Risen Christ

We pray for the world,
Where violence and death is all too easy to see:
In Gaza, in the West Bank, in Ukraine, In Yemen.
Where people are weeping in unimaginable grief,
having lost those they love most,
the homes they have created,
the lives they have built.

As we turn toward the flowered cross,
We pray for peace and justice,
Knowing that from the depths of despair new life can come.

We pray for the church,
acknowledging its frailties and compromises,
and its institutional power and privilege.
We pray for our local churches here in Brunswick
As we strive to offer leadership and give of our time and talents,
living out your gospel
in this time and this place.

As we turn toward the flowered cross,
We are reminded who is at the heart of the church:
the Risen Christ, who spoke truth to power.

We pray for our community,
For those of us who are in failing health,
For those of us who face uncertainty,
For those of us who are anxious.
We hold before you those who can be here in person,
those who are with us on line,
And those who are with us in Spirit.

As we turn toward the cross,
We see your love and compassion
Light in the midst of darkness.

Christ is risen! The stone has been removed from the tomb.
May we live as a people of hope and of love.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 31/03/2024, Easter Day B

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