Sunday worship 26/11, Reign of Christ

Daniel Broadstock welcomed us to worship on 26th November. This week we celebrated Reign of Christ Sunday, in which we prayed for God’s kingdom of justice and peace to grow in our world.

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 11:18

The Kingdom of God
The kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit
Come, Lord, and open in us the gates of your kingdom 

God of justice and joy and peace,
We praise you for you are not like the rulers and powers of our world.
You are not the Emperor, you are not like the king.
You are not like the President. You are not like the Senator.
You are not like the industrialist, you are not like the CEO.
You are not like the general, you are not like the demagogue.

You rebuke the mighty. You tear the tyrant down from their throne.
You break the spear and the rod,
You break the gun, you break the bomb, you break the landmine,
you dash down the wall and the tower.

In your kingdom the last are first and the first are last.
The peacemakers are blessed and the lowly inherit the earth.
Your kingdom makes a mockery of the proud and the haughty.
It outlasts tyranny, it outlasts small-minded nationalism, it outlasts profit.

Forgive us when we have seen the hungry and not given food.
When we have seen the thirsty and not given water.
When we have seen the cold and the naked and not given the coat off our back.
When we have held too tightly to our money, our luxury, our convenience.
When we have not been willing to discomfort ourselves, to put ourselves out,
to perform little acts of mercy and kindness that we in our power to do.

Like a green shoot that breaks up through broken and stony ground, let your Kingdom grow.
When politicians demand our allegiance, when they tell us who to fear and who to exclude we say Christ is Lord.
When demagogues and rabble-rousers cry out for vengeance, for hate, for intolerance, we say Christ is Lord.
When nations and rulers claim divine right to power and dominion, we say Christ is Lord.
When your good creation is ravaged for profit, we say Christ is Lord.
Christ is Lord, everywhere upon the earth, forever and ever,

The kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit
Come, Lord, and open in us the gates of your kingdom 

Word of Grace
Here is the good news.
Love is more powerful than hate, light is more powerful than darkness.
Joy is more powerful than sorrow.
In Christ, through Christ and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship 26/11/2023, Reign of Christ

SONG: The Kingdom of God © 2001 Taize Community, Ateliers et Presses de Taize
from More Voices (146) United Church of Canada, Woodlake Publishing Inc.

Prayers of the people

Watch or 1:06:08

Let us pray

Holy God of Love, may your spirit unite us in your truth
and help us to share your love with others.

We pray for our Earth and its care.
For the endangered animals, plants, and environmental destruction.
We hope and long for universal recognition of Climate change
and action to care and nurture Mother Earth.
May we always remain aware of our actions which affect our environment.

We grieve for our World for all those people and places ravished by war,
and pray for peace in Israel, Palestine, Russia, Ukraine, and many other countries.
We remember and hold in prayer those friends or family affected in war torn areas.
May our leaders make wise decisions based on love for all and not power.

We pray for Australia for our first nations people following the recent referendum
and for ourselves as we grieve the No vote.
Our feelings and the presence of racism sadden us….
“The pain is real. But so is hope.”

We also hold before you the many homeless in this land,
those unable to pay mortgages and those experiencing mental health issues.
May our politicians remember them as they set budgets and make decisions.

We pray for the Uniting Church of Australia as they make decisions from the ACT 2 process, and for us as we meet today and discuss the document and send in our responses.

We give thanks for the interfaith and cultural community of Brunswick,
for our community here at Brunswick Uniting,
and peoples willingness to volunteer and care for others.

May we as a community be open as we seek a new minister
and engage in the changes that will bring.

As we head toward Christmas we remember and are grateful for our Olive Way community,
the wonderful group of people who drop in for a coffee, friendship,
and conversation and for Peter our Olive Way Pastor and the many volunteers.

We remember too the Indonesian congregation as they worship here in this sacred space.

May those those grieving in our congregation who have lost loved ones or are finding life’s challenges difficult at this time, know they are loved and seek pastoral care if needed.

We pray for our continued ministry as we work in various places and bring our gifts and skills. We give thanks and pray for the ministry team of Cath, Peter,
and supply minister Jan as they encourage, nurture, and lead us.

Lord, may we always remember to spend time with you,
stopping and resting amidst all our activities.

Accept these prayers we pray in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ


Linda Fisher, offered for worship 26/11/2023, Reign of Christ

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