Sunday Worship 24/9, Season of Creation 3

Daniel Broadstock welcomed us to worship on 24th September for the third Sunday in our Season of Creation. This week we heard the urgent call to justice of the prophet Jeremiah and reflect on the image of the tree as a symbol of loss, community, and new life.

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 11:15

God of Joy and Lament,

We praise you for your goodness and mercy.
You have spun us into being, and woven the earth into life and beauty.
You have planted the trees into good soil, and made branches for the birds to nest.

Jesus Christ, you walk the way of peace. You call us into the Kingdom of justice,
where the first shall be last and the last shall be first.
You are the true vine, and we the branches.
Abide in us Jesus, that we may abide in you.

God, to you we bring all our lament and all our sorrow.
We are frustrated when the rich and powerful choose profit over stewardship.
We are ashamed when we choose convenience over gentleness.
Our hearts are heavy for the extinction crisis, for the plants that will never return,
for the creatures that have lost their habitat forever.

We are sorry when we forgot that the world is good, and made for our care.
We are sorry when we fail to see the image of God
in our neighbours, our rivals and our enemies.

But though weeping my persist through the night, joy cometh in the morning.
Though leaves may fall from the branch, they land softly and nourish the earth.
Though the cross is cruel and dark, light floods through the open door of the empty tomb.
Come God of healing, bring peace, joy, and new life. In your hands lie all things.
We put our trust in you.


Word of Grace
Hear the word of Grace: though the world is uncertain
and so often we stray from what we know is right and good,
through Christ, in Christ, and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven,
Thanks be to God.

Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship 24/09/2023, Season of Creation 3

Prayers of the people

Watch or 58:09

O God, of the tear-streaked face we pray for the world.
We pray for our parched earth, shattered landscapes, dry river beds
and we lament the beauty, abundance and wonder that has been lost.
We pray for green blades of hope to rise up from the ashes of our despair,
for mending and healing and reconnecting and recovering.
We give thanks for the resilience of the land and her people
for all who cry out in protest against the pain and harm inflicted
without care or thought by those who have power and influence.

Jesus, Love, risen from the grave, we pray for the church.
We pray for all who follow you, working for peace and justice
and we lament the many ways your truth is clouded and perverted.
We pray that, like risen grain, we too might follow you day by day
to be a light to the world, to share your love in word and action.
We give thanks for church leaders who inspire us, leading the way,
teaching, preaching, guiding and caring, sending us out to do the same.

Holy Spirit, heart of life, we pray for our community.
We pray for all who are saddened, grieving or in pain
and we lament that so many people are lonely and without hope.
We pray that like trees, growing strong in community,
we will spread our roots deep into the soil of your love, linking with others.
We give thanks for our community of communities
for the intertwining, for the caring and giving and loving.

Saide Cameron, offered for worship 24/03/2023, Season of Creation 3

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