Sunday Worship 12/5, Easter 7

Daniel Broadstock welcomed us to worship on 12th May. We explored the transitions of life in the first of three reflections on the Holy Spirit.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Australia will be observed in the week between Ascension (12th May) and Pentecost (19th May).

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Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 12:00

God of three, God of incarnation,

You are with us in all the stages and transitions of life.

With gentle threads of creation you knit us together in the womb
and count the hairs on our head.

When we are babies, you are with us in the Christ Child.
You have slept in the cradle and woken your parents with your crying.
You have looked at Mary with wordless love.

As we grow, we grow with all the things that you have made.
Like a tree planted by the stream you nurture us from good soil,
and you make rain to feed our roots.

When we become parents, you are with us as the Mother of Creation.
Jesus calls out to you as Father, and so you are to us.

As we grow old, you are with us in timeless mercy and love.
You make new songs in our hearts and sit by us as the leaves turn.

Holy Spirit be with us, and make more gentleness among us.
Make more peace and more faithfulness.
Make more self-control and more kindness.
Make more patience and more love.

Forgive us when we err, and make us new.

In the name of Jesus the faithful one, we pray.


Daniel Broadstock, offered for worship 12/05/2024, Easter 7B

Prayers of the people

Watch or 41:09

Let us pray for the world and each other

God of transitions, Spirit of life
We bring before you all that is on our hearts and minds,
for all that we feel powerless about, as well as gratitude and joy

We pray for mothers everywhere,
for new mums, mums about to be, tired and lonely mums
we pray especially for those mothers in dangerous contexts
who try and protect the physical and emotional safety and wellbeing of their children

We also pray for those who are missing their mums
Help us love and value our mums as well as the mothering part of ourselves

We continue to remember those who have lost loved ones,
both here and overseas in war torn areas
God of compassion, pour out your comforting spirit upon them

We give thanks for the people who care and look after us,
we remember those who also need our care,
may we continue to follow the way of Jesus by finding ways of loving our neighbour

We pray for our community, for the ability to hear one another
to sit with the discomfort of difference and transition,
may we encounter your spirit of truth and wisdom in our hearts.

We ask these things in Jesus name
who promises us resurrection in the face of despair,

Cath James, offered for worship, 12/05/2024, Easter 7B
prepared with contributions from children, youth & 
young adults and families

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