Prayers of Adoration & Confession

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Praise to you O God for your love that brings equality, and you want to be our loving Friend.

You know us more that we know ourselves. Through Jesus Your Son, our friend, You radically free us from being slaves of oppression, freeing us and the world from status and social positions of power. We praise you O God for your Son’s radical teachings, for the love of equality and friendship He brought. You are the one who empowers us as your friends, loves us truly and comforts us regardless of our position or what we deserve. We praise you for this Wisdom and Love.

God we know too that we do not always reflect this friendship in our treatment of each other or in standing up to challenge ego and power.  Rather we prefer others to remain in the slavery of oppression (racism, sexism, profit, homophobia, gender stereotypes, ableism) so that we can keep our freedom or keep ourselves enslaved to ego, isolation and hardened beliefs.  By not offering our hand to our kin and community, nor to our Beloved Friend and Comforter, we forget to abide.

We ask for your forgiveness though your offering of Comfort, Your seeing and knowing of us, rooted in the Love and Joy of the Gospel, that you are delighted to give. Thanks so much dear friend , Our  God.


Like a dear beloved friend would do, through Christ in Christ and because of Christ our sin, our frail humanity, is truly, deeply forgiven.

Let us stand and sing Alleluia for this grace.

Song: Brunswick Alleluia

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

Jenne Perlstein, offered for worship 09/05/2021, Easter 6B

Prayers of the people

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God of love,
We pray for the world, a world where love is often lacking.
We pray for places where wealth and privilege determine outcomes, and justice is absent.
A world where vaccines are available for some people but not others,
Where some people can return home and others cannot.
A world where countries look to their own, rather than seeing the world as interconnected, as members of a family,
where the wellbeing of all is important for the wellbeing of each of us.
May we reach out in love, advocating for justice and equality.

We pray for the church.
That it may speak out for people in need,
For people who are disenfranchised, who are preyed upon by credit sellers and gambling venues.
We pray that women may be valued in the church as equal partners, recognising the gifts that we each bring, regardless of our gender.
Jesus treated all people as equals, not preferring one over another.
May we in the church live out this love.

We pray for our community.
For those of us who have a special bond with our mother,
and for those of us whose relationship with our mother was difficult
For those who wanted to be mothers but weren’t able to be
For those who found motherhood hard and testing.
We pray for mothers who grieve the loss of their children
For mothers who are unwell
For mothers who are lonely and feel unloved.
For those of us who cannot be with our mothers in person, either through distance or death.
May we live out your love, loving one another as Christ loves us.

Risen Jesus,
In you we find love and friendship,
we find open arms welcoming us all, including everyone and urging us to work for justice for everyone.
May we know and abide in this love that you give us.
In the name of Christ, Amen.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 09/05/2021, Easter 6B