Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of earth and sea and stars,
We cherish the life-giving water of your creation:
deep oceans, nourishing rain and rivers that ebb and flow.
Forgive us for standing by as your processes unravel,
encourage us to consider the wider significance of our everyday actions.
Help us to support the healing of the Earth,
in hope of wholeness to come,
as we prepare the way of the Lord.

Jesus, who comes bearing hope of new beginnings,
we renew ourselves in you, following your ways
and hoping for the peace you envision.
Forgive us for the times we have been uncaring
and open our eyes to the needs of others.
Help us to build a peaceful community
as we prepare the way of the Lord.

Holy Spirit, the current that moves through all things,
connecting us to one another and to God.
Forgive us for ignoring your call as you tug beneath the surface.
Teach us to listen for you in the wilderness and in the voices of the small,
voices that are too often drowned out by those of the powerful,
as we prepare the way of the Lord.

As John believed in the coming of the Prince of Peace, believe the Good News that comes from God:
In Christ we are forgiven.

Thanks be to God

by Amelia Ware, offered for worship 9/12, Advent 2

Prayers of the People

God of hope and peace,
we pray for all who seek to bring
peace and resolution
in regions of conflict in our world.

We pray for all who seek
to bring hope and justice
to communities where hopelessness and injustice sow
the seeds of conflict and war.

We pray for people in rough places, torn in themselves in conflict and despair.
Give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.
Guide their feet into the way of peace.

Loving God, you call us by name
and promise to each of us your constant love.
thank you for the love you have shown your servant Alireza in baptism today.
With him may our understanding of the gospel be deepened,
and our commitment to follow the way of Christ be strengthened.

Keep us all in the communion of your Church and nourish our faith.
Increase in us compassion for others; and send us into the world in witness to your love.
Work such change in us that we may be fully aligned with your way of peace
that is coming to transform the world.


by Jenne Perlstein and Ian Ferguson, offered for worship 9/12, Advent 2