Blessing Anika

A celebration of Anika Jensen’s ministry as Student House and Youth Support Worker

We love singing this song …

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God who knows us in our joys and sorrows, we bring these to you today.

In the intricate patterns of nature,
in the small rustlings of the trees and trickling water,
the murmurs of birds and animals,
In the louder shouts of mammals like us
we are reminded of the loud joy of your creation.

We live in affirmation of creation and new life.
In the delight of friendship, in the liveliness of community,
in the serenity of solitude, we can see your joy in others and ourselves.

Within this bustle of life and newness,
sometimes we forget to remember its beauty.
Oftentimes we cannot be still and know
the many around us loving us keep close and from afar.

At times it’s too hard to accept this affirmation,
this sign of our worthiness and our divine humanity;
that we get caught in the minutia of our hardships,
our disagreements and our lack of self-compassion.

Help us not to feel guilty nor ashamed in these moments,
but to know that these too are a part of who you made us,
and who you have become for us in Jesus.

Help to know your adoration for all of us
animals, plants, communities and living things. Amen

Receive the gift of this tender love of us,
that in this our sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Anika Jensen, offered for worship with James Balsillie, 6/5/18, Easter 6B 

Prayers of the People

Loving creator, we bring our thoughts and reflections
for others and our earth to you this morning.

We bring our thoughts and prayers for those in our community
at Brunswick and those in our lives that are in pain.
For those feeling isolated, we hope that they may feel
the warmth and love of those around them.
And we pray for Anika as her relationship with this church changes.

For those who are marginalised by a world that
discriminates based on bodies, colours, profits and man-made borders,
we pray that they are affirmed in community,
and that paths away from such oppression may be made possible.

We pray for those who oppress, for politicians, voters,
those who we think are not like us, and for ourselves, that we may know your love.
Help us to practice self-compassion that we may be freed
to witness the injustice of such systems and work for change.


Andrew Crane, offered for worship, 6/5/18, Easter 6B