Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 7:18

Creator God as we meditate on the wonders of creation
we are overcome with awe and amazement.
We see your glory in the vast skies above
on the welcoming earth beneath our feet
and in the movement of the waters.
We offer you our praise.

Christ our Saviour as we meditate on your words
we are drawn in to the stories that you tell.
We seek the hidden truths within them.
We feel your compassion and love
as you turn people towards a new way to be.
We offer you our praise.

Liberating Spirit as we meditate on the world
inspire us, give us courage and strength
to work for justice, peace and freedom.
We feel your breath moving within us.
We feel your fire in our souls.
We offer you our praise.  Amen

Creator God forgive us
when we do not treasure the gifts
that you have given in abundance.

Christ our Saviour forgive us
when we hear your Word
but do not listen and fail to turn to you.

Liberating Spirit forgive us
when our breath falters
and the fire in our soul burns low.

Word of Grace

The psalmist sings:  My mouth will speak the praise of you O God,
and all flesh will bless your holy name for ever and ever.

Let us also sing out our praise as we rejoice
in the sure and wonderful knowledge
that in Jesus’ name grace abounds
and our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God

Saide Cameron, offered for worship 6/11/2022, Pentecost 22C

Prayers of the people

Watch or 37:10

Today as I lead us in our Prayers of the People, I will use some images to guide our prayers and I invite you to reflect on these with me.  In a time when there seems there is so much hurt and sadness near and far from us, let us look for signs of hope and new life.  Let us pray: 

We pray for the world around us.
We see power linked to violence.
Violence that destroys cities and infrastructure and ruins people’s lives.
Violence that blocks the supply of grain and causes misery and starvation to so many people.

But we also see signs of hope.
We see places of hope, as we see a city that was once rubble rebuilt,
prospering again, with rulers deposed and people’s lives restored.
Home to hundreds of thousands of people again,
with new infrastructure, and rivers, parks & gardens for people to enjoy.
A city with museums and art galleries. Cafes and restaurants.
We see the power of violence does not have the last word.
May we look with hope for signs of the new life you promise
May we act with hope, where we are, with what we can offer.

We pray for the church.
We worship a God in community, and know this is why we are in community.
We see leadership in the church that doesn’t mean enforcing personal will, but listening, guiding, including everyone.
We see a place where we are all equal, not only in the eyes of God, but in each other’s eyes.
We see people coming and sharing friendship, and building community at a table together.
May we strive to live out the new life you promise
May we act with hope, where we are, with what we can offer.

We pray for our community.
For the people and creatures, plants and trees that live in it.
We see destruction and heartache as people try to recover their lives after floods and storms in so many places.
But we also see the power of nature where we may not expect it –
as small plants struggle against the harshness of the elements and live and share their beauty with us.
We see signs of hope.
As we look to you, may we look to each other
And see those of us who are unwell, who are lonely, who are anxious
May we see signs of hope and new life all around us, and draw strength.
May we act with hope, where we are, with what we can offer.


Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 6/11/2022, Pentecost 22C