Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of creation, the stars in the sky
remind us of the enormity of the cosmos.
Your creation is beyond our capacity to understand
and yet you gift her to us as a home.

Your love for all things, fast moving humanity
vast imponderable mountains, deep groaning oceans,
flowers that blossom and fade,
animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles
grasses, trees, rivers and streams
challenges and inspires us to tread lightly
and with reverence wherever we go.

Jesus, Emmanuel God with us
you are the light of the world.
You draw us to you now just as the Magi
were drawn to follow the star to find you.
You reveal yourself to us,
in stories, encounters, teachings
in your response to the poor and unwell
in the face of the stranger, the unloved
in your challenge to corrupted power
challenging and inspiring us every day
to follow you, to love ourselves and our neighbour.

Holy Spirit, bringer of light
you shine within our hearts.
You are the whispering voice
the raging tempest, the guiding light.
You are the source of inspiration
stirring our hearts and minds
to explore the mysteries of life and faith
to seek cures, write songs, find meaning
create beauty, celebrate abundance
challenging and inspiring us
to look deep within, to find God within us.  Amen

God of creation, Jesus Emmanuel, Holy Spirit
we confess that sometimes we feel so small and insignificant,
so unable to face up to corrupted power
so unlikely to be able to make any kind of difference
that we sometimes fail to do anything at all.

Forgive us, for we are your people
ordinary, every day, extraordinary people
drawn to follow your light in the world.  Amen

The prophet Isaiah proclaimed to the people
‘Arise, shine; for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you’.
Bathed in this light we can be confident
that in the name of Christ, light of the world
‘Our sins are forgiven’.

Thanks be to God. Amen

Saide Cameron, offered for Worship, 6/1, Epiphany

Prayers of the people

God of Creation with aching hearts
we pray for this world, our home.

We long for harmony in our living
for humanity to treasure this wonderful gift
and to celebrate the amazing abundance
all around us rather than using her
as a resource to be plundered.
We give thanks for all who care
for our beautiful fragile home.

We long for peace in our times
for world leaders to recognize the privilege
that is theirs and to use this gift
to give aid to those in need and
seek an end to war and suffering.
We give thanks for all who work
for peace and justice.

Jesus, Emmanuel God with us
we pray for your church throughout the world.

We long for love to guide the actions
of all who speak and lead in your name
for wisdom to shape our response to conflict
as we seek to be your people, your body
living in community beyond the walls of our buildings.
We give thanks for all who
serve in your name.

Holy Spirit, Bringer of Light
we pray for our communities near and far.

We long for inspiration at the start of this new year
as we prepare to share the abundance of your gifts
with people in need among and around us.
Help us to be open hearted, welcoming
generous in word and action in all that we do.
We give thanks for this community
our spiritual home.  Amen

Saide Cameron, offered for Worship, 6/1, Epiphany