Prayers of Adoration & Confession

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Saving God, Womb of Life, and Creator of All,
God of Zechariah and of John the Baptist,
God of Mary and of Elizabeth,
God of yesterday and of today and of tomorrow,
Words can never capture your glory.

Holy Spirit, Breath of Creation, and Wind of Change,
Spirit who spoke through the prophets,
Spirit who gave birth to the church
Spirit of yesterday and of today and of tomorrow,
Move among us too, so that we may speak words of truth.

Jesus Christ, Child of God, Hope of the World,
The Holy One, foretold by the prophets,
The Holy One, Born in a manger,
The Holy One, of yesterday and of today and of tomorrow,
Come, with your words of wisdom, challenging the structures of power

Saving God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ,
We confess together the times when we have failed to use our voices.
We have not spoken up when we could have made a difference.
We have failed to speak words of comfort to those who mourn,
or words of truth in times of injustice.
We have not stood up for the voiceless.
We have been ashamed or embarrassed to declare ourselves Christians,
Forgive us, Loving God.
Equip us with the words we need and the courage to speak,
so that we may follow you in the way of truth.

Sisters and Brothers, God listens and hears our prayers and promises a renewed world.
Every valley shall be lifted, every mountain made low.
Remember the Good news of Christ, our sin is forgiven.

Natalie Sims, offered for worship, 05/12/2021, Advent 2C

Prayers of the people

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Gentle voice, whispering across our land and down our laneways;
Loving voice, making yourself known within our hearts
and through the grace of others;
Roaring voice, thundering through our days and sometimes complacent ways
in defence of the defenceless.
Voice of the ages, voice of promise, voice of the prophets, of John, of brother Jesus –
Hear our voice this day we pray

We are the silent ones,
struck mute with doubt and numbed by surprise;
too deaf to hear, too blind to see the miracles that surround us.
Forgive us our frail humanity, O God
And touch our lips to proclaim your goodness, however and wherever it falls.

In the world, where conflict prevails too often and self-interest rules,
may we be your voice, speaking out for a neglected planet, speaking up for the forgotten,
offering hearts and hands to make things right.
And joining the dance when commitments are made, treaties signed, breakthroughs secured.

We are the wizened ones,
past it all, sceptical and tired.
Refresh our spirits, Holy One, with open hearts and new visions of hope.

In our cities and communities, cracking beneath the weight of need and struggle,
may we walk with joy, arms overflowing with gifts of love and acts of grace,
so that others may see in our eyes the good news that first lifted us up, each one.

We are the measured ones,
rational and knowing, confident of where we step and how we present,
immersed in the pilgrim journey.
Grant us humility and pause, humble in our own knowledge, secure in your grip.
Enable us to be your church, the leaven in the lump,
‘Rise up, rise up’ flowing from our lips as we seek to make you known, O God.

Living One,
Our peace in the storm, our wink of knowing,
the source of love in whom and through whom love has its being,
Knowing that you hear these prayers and walk with us, ever close,
We give you thanks. Amen

Peter McKinnon, offered for worship 05/12/2021, Advent 2C