Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 6:56

Loving God, creator of all that is, we see your work
in the sunshine and the rain, the skies, the earth, the oceans.
We wake up each new day uncertain of what is to come
but secure in the knowledge of your steadfast love.
You are our joy in the morning and our rest in the evening.

Christ Jesus, Bread of Heaven, we hear your voice
calling us to follow you, sending us out to be at work in the world.
We open our doors and step out uncertain of who we will meet
but ready to be your voice and hands, feeding the world with your love.
You are our deliverer, our strength and shield in all that we do.

Loving God, Bread of Heaven, Christ Jesus we confess
that we are often overwhelmed by the needs of our world.
There is so much suffering, so much pain, so much struggle.
Sometimes it is hard to hear your call on our lives.  Forgive us.

Remind us of who we are, remind us that you too walked this path.
Remind us that you sent out the twelve in their uncertainty.
Remind us that your way is not the world’s way, that love is always the answer.
Forgive us when our hearts are heavy and we do not turn to you.  Amen.

Word of Grace
We are the people of God, called by Jesus
raised with Him to walk in newness of life.
The gift of grace and mercy is freely given
and so we can be confident that our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Saide Cameron, offered for worship 04/07/2021, Pentecost 6B

Prayers of the people

Watch or 52:22

Now is the time for prayers for the people. At the end of the prayer I will take the Christ candle to the back of the church where you can light a taper at the end of the service.

Loving God as we come to you in Prayer, awaken us to the mystery of being here and entering the quiet immensity of your presence and spirit. Thank you for the gift of love so evident today with the beautiful baptisms and confirmation. And thank you for the freedom we  have to express our faith  so freely here today.

We pray for a world that is crying out for good leadership. Leadership that is driven by love, for a desire to serve, to seek justice and equality for all. Loving God, we pray for leaders who can speak out, drive change and counter the voices of fear and greed.

We pray for leaders who can  build trust, offer healing and love.

As, year by year, we see the disastrous effects of war, especially for its innocent victims, with 82 million people now displaced from their homelands  – show us how to reach out and offer welcome.

And as we learn more from our Aboriginal  leaders, especially through NAIDOC Week, about the importance of place and connection with our land, we understand even more the hardship that is caused through being forcefully and violently displaced.

We know too, that we are all connected and that our actions impact on us all. Loving God, we seek your courage and persistence, to be the voices of love, truth, welcome and reconnection. To never give in to fear.

We pray for leaders that recognise the fragility of this earth, our home, and who genuinely champion ways that we can protect and heal our earth.

We pray for leaders everywhere, in every office, every parliament, in every place of faith, every neighbourhood, every street corner and in every home – people who choose to take leadership with integrity, to give voice to love, to welcome, to healing and to openness.

Show us how to be leaders in your love.  Help us to follow your example of loving humility. To take your love out into the world to be beacons of hope.


Meredith Budge, offered for worship 04/07/2021, Pentecost 6B