Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Creator God, Loving Christ, Holy Spirit,
Since the beginning of time, you have done wonderful things.
Creating the universe, and all that is in it,
rescuing people in times of trouble throughout history,
walking alongside us today, leading us with your hands in ours.

Creator God, Loving Christ, Holy Spirit,
We cry out to you, knowing that you hear us.
We confess those things that separate us from you,
Our own actions, our inaction, our unequal society.
Forgive us, and remind us that your reign of justice and equality will surely come.

Here is the good news.
God does not hold a grudge.
Know that with God, there is always forgiveness.
Through Christ, we are given new life.

Sisters and Brothers, our sin is forgiven.

Thanks be to God.

by Natalie Sims, offered for worship, 30/6

Prayers of the people

First, we offer prayers for all who follow Jesus Christ on his way –
a wonderful way that is sometimes hard.

Living Christ, we pray for your family in all the earth.
We pray for peace in your church,
for healing love among your followers,
for the grace and strength and humility to faithfully follow you
into the world and to embrace all the people whom you love.

Secondly, we offer prayers for the world.
Living Christ, we pray for the world.
We pray peace for places of conflict and violence.
We pray justice for those who are oppressed.

We pray refuge for those who are displaced from their homes.
We pray food for the hungry and water for the thirsty.
We pray for the earth itself,
for the soil, the waters and the air,
for the forests and reefs,
and for all the creatures who make their home with us on this planet.

We pray for your ecology of love to build a world
of interconnected harmony in us and through us.

Thirdly, we pray for those in need.
Living Christ, we pray for all in need today,
those known to us whom we hold in our hearts,
and those known only to you.
We pray healing love for all who are ill.
We pray comfort and compassion for those who are grieving.

We pray freedom and release for any who are bound in body or mind or soul.

by Ian Ferguson, offered for worship, 30/6