Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God, Loving Creator,
We reflect on what it means to be part of your community,
attempting to grow together in the direction of your love.
Your process is one of continual evolution,
Forgive us for any unrealistic expectations we have for others and  for ourselves,
encourage us to persist and learn from our experiences,
in the hope that what we reflect will gradually move closer to your example.

Jesus, living Word,
Through you we understand God’s empathy and love for us.
In this comforting knowledge, we are free to follow your call to love one another.
Forgive us from the times that, through fear or distraction,
we have not seen or listened to others with the intention of understanding.
Remind us of your example of vulnerability and selflessness
as we endeavour to nurture our love for others.

Holy Spirit, centre of our being,
Your presence calms us as the world turns,
and we are not sure where our place is to be found.
Forgive us for not giving thought to our communities and the wider world
as we allow ourselves to be swept away by our own circumstances.
Let us seek you in our despair and be guided towards good and peaceful outcomes.

As we continue onwards, day by day endeavouring to find our way as people of God,
believe the Good News that comes from God: In Christ we are forgiven.
Thanks be to God

Amelia Ware, offered for worship 3/5/2020, Easter 4A

Prayers of the people

Oh loving Shepherd fill us with wanting to Be with you
Knowing we Always Have been with you & need reminding
That Being in you transforms us
And we Will always be with you
That we are all connected to each other and the universe, through you, at the Table.
Welcome us all with delight as we come through the Gate to the table,
into your embracing protective arms

At  his table are the powerful, the decision makers, our ‘enemies’ – those with different values,
the foolish, for whom your love, through us, and  our Divine power are sorely needed..
they are welcome, the Gate is open. Let us embrace them.

Let us embrace Those who are alone- the elderly, the refugee, the dying, the single, the distressed.
Let your Healing love wash through them.

May the healers the givers come for solace with you. At the table
May all our arms embrace each other at the table
Remind us that we are all one in You
In the Shepherds Name we pray. Amen

Jenne Perlstein, offered for worship 3/5/2020, Easter 4A