Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of all glory you surround us with beauty and wonder.
When we step aside from our busyness and raise our eyes
we find ourselves immersed in the joyful abundance
of your creative energy and love.
Embrace us, we pray, and lift us up
that we may give glory to you in our living and loving.

Jesus, Son of God, your power is mysterious to us
When we find ourselves caught up in bleakness and despair
we turn to you, to your words, your stories, your life
to find hope, to be renewed and restored.
Embrace us, we pray, and lift us up
that we may follow in your way every day

Holy Spirit, wind of justice, you are the fire in our souls.
When we come face to face with injustice you empower us
to raise our voices, to stand up, to gather on the streets
to call out for change that will renew all creation.
Embrace us, we pray, and lift us up
that we may speak of love and freedom and hope.

God of all glory we offer our confessions now
praying for all that is not yet right in our world.
Hear now the silent confessions of our aching hearts.

Time of music and reflection


God gathers us up with all the saints
offering love and blessing and renewal.
In this love and through the grace and mercy
of Christ our Saviour we can be confident
that our sins are forgiven.

Thanks be to God. 

by Saide Cameron, offered for worship, All Saint’s Day, 3/11

Prayers of the people

Mother God
In this time of loud voices
Of lies and turmoil
We pray for the world.

For us to listen not to leaders but to the voiceless
To those who are marginalised in the world
To people who have lost their homes
Their countries
Their families
Those who have lost a sense of safety
Let us listen
To those locked indefinitely in detention centres
Those shut out from jobs, from communities, from churches

With the falling of the rain
And swirl of storms
We pray for the quiet creatures of our world
For the many species that are dwindling, soon to disappear
Our non-human kin
Let us listen to them
And give them our voices

In this time of change and uncertainty
We pray for the church.
That we may always be uncomfortable
That we question and contest our values and views
That we open ourselves to diversity in ideas and practices
That we listen to the margins as much as the centre.

In this time of protests and pressures
We pray for our communities
For those of us divided by anger and hurt.
We pray that we may seek common ground
To listen to and respect one another
Let us come to know generous hearts
Warm hands
And kind spirits
That we may help to heal the hurts that we hold
And share your great peace.

In this quiet time
Let us offer our own prayers in silence.

Let us now offer a prayer together in the words that Christ taught us

Our Mother in heaven
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial
and deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power,
and the glory are yours now and forever.


by Simone Alesich, offered for worship, All Saints Day, 3/11