Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 9:12

4 symbols of the Stations of the Cross we have paused at on our journey through Lent so far…

Image 1 – Olive branches for Christ’ prayer and arrest on the Mount of Olives
All praise to you Christ of the garden, Christ who enters the trials of creation.
We worship you from the olive gardens of our lives where we are tested and uncertain.
Be with us here.

Image 2 – Stone for Peter’s denial
All praise to you Christ who meets us in the hard place of human vulnerability.
We worship you from the stony ground of our own weakness and failure.
Be with us here.

Image 3 – Cross with the scales of justice for Christ’ trial before Pilate and Herod
All praise to you Christ who overturns the corrupt powers of this world with the silent witnesses of truth and justice in Christ.
We worship you in our own struggles with injustice, crying for the strength to stand in your truth.
Be with us here.

Salt water – for the weeping women on the way of the cross
All praise to you weeping Christ whose compassion flows in the tears of the broken.
We worship you in grief and distress at the violence of our world.
Be with us here.

Breathe into confession…

We confess the destructiveness, injustice, poverty, greed, selfishness, and corruption that mar your creation.
Give us grace to heal the places in ourselves, our families and communities that are touched by these things.
And may your forgiving Spirit strengthen us in freedom to live out the love, justice, peace and hope of your reign.

In the name of the one who walks the way of the cross for us, Christ Christ our brother and lover. Amen

Word of Grace
“Do not weep for me,” says Jesus, “but weep for yourselves.”
Jesus also says, “Blessed are you who are weeping now, for you will laugh and leap for joy.”
Hear Christ’s word of grace spoken into the place of tears with the world transforming power of the coming Reign of Love.
He says to us all: Your sin is forgiven. Thanks be to God.

Ian Ferguson, offered for worship, 27/03/2022, Lent 4C

Prayers of the people

Watch or 1:06:59

Watch Peter’s recording

We come to pray for the world. Carry into this time of prayer the weeping places – Mariupol, Ukraine and wherever else tears of compassion fall like rain. Peter has recorded the prayers of the People for us today. At the end of his prayer you’ll be invited to move to one of the paintings near you – there you will find some salt representing tears. Look into the eyes of Jesus through your heart, see what you see, feel what you feel there. Then take some crystals of salt and place them as an offering of prayer in the bowl of water on the communion table or the baptism font (whichever is nearer).

We are broken, Lord.
Broken by grief, by horror, shock and anger.
Like the women of Jerusalem, we weep with those who are
breaking under the strain and stress of war.
We are shocked as we see the innocent victims of violence,
and angered by violence inflicted without justification.
We watch helplessly from as distance, from the sidelines.

We pray for those in Ukraine, Tigray in Ethiopia, Yemen, Palestine, Myanmar,
and the many forgotten conflicts around the world.

We grieve for those who are caught in the crossfire of unjust violence and war,
driven and fuelled by human greed, prejudice, and empire.
We pray for those facing food shortages and famine
due to conflict and violence, especially in Mariupol and Yemen.
May they be fed and sheltered. We pray for the innocent, the elderly, the children.
We pray for the millions who have fled their homes to escape the violence.
May they be given protection and security.
Our hearts break for those who suffer needlessly, in needless conflicts.
We pray also for those being sent to war, the soldiers, sent by lies and false pretexts.
Let them know the truth and may the truth set them free.

Lord we know you have walked this path before us;
you have walked the path of suffering that so many people in this world must also walk.
In this Easter season may we share this path with you.
May our hearts deepen in compassion for those that suffer,
strengthen our generosity, our love, and our forgiveness.

We dream of a world without violence and war.
You have shown us a better way, a way of non-violent love.
Help us to follow the path you have set for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Invitation to Prayer

Blessed are you who are weeping now.

Lord listen to you children Praying (ATFG575)
Lord, listen to Your children praying,
Lord, send Your spirit in this place;
Lord, listen to Your children praying,
Lord us love, send us pow’r, send us grace.

Peter Blair, offered for worship by Kirsty Brown, 27/03/2022, Lent 4C